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Dutch fans can now pre-order the exclusive Rubberneckin' Box, 3000 copies released in the Netherlands only, at the Free Record Shop site. The release date is September 8th, it costs 15,99 Euro and contains: CD-Maxi - 3 Tracks 1. Radio Edit 2. 12" Extended 3. Original Digypack CD-single - 3 Tracks 1. Radio Edit 2. 12" Extended 3. Original 2 Track CD-single 1. Radio Edit 2. Original 12" Vinyl 1. 12" Extended 2. Radio Edit 3. Original
Source: BMG NL / Updated: Aug 29, 2003 
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Emiel Maier (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 31, 2003report abuse
Eduard, you wrote: "You don't buy a record to have it seen on the charts primarly i think..".() Well, Eduard you don't have to think for me, but I DO buy the record to have it seen in the charts. I mean, I can buy the record much cheaper at my mailorder dealer, but his sales (and other strictly Elvis dealers and/or fanclubs) are not registered for any kind of list. So therefor I will go to a major record shop this time. (And every purchase counts; so mine too!) I want to see Elvis's name at the top of the list, and if I can help, I will. Oh, another thing that sprang to my mind is: The Free Record Shop offer these 3000 limited package of 4 different records. But is one package counted as 1 "Rubberneckin'", or as 4 seperate ones. So the total of sold singles will actually add up to (3000x4) 12000 ? Has anyone an idea?
eduard (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 30, 2003report abuse
Emiel, i don't think such matters this time IF your sale will be effective on Elvis's place in the charts.
You don't buy a record to have it seen on the charts primarly i think.. If it is on, fine the better, if not, so what.. move on.This special-edition is first and foremost important because it is limited,and contains a new song wich will be featured on the next CD-album 2nd to None wich i won't buy just because of that smart marketing trick to feature 2 good/new songs on it(Rubberneckin'& I'm a roustabout) and have the rest of the CD-album with songs we already bought a zillions times on other Albums, better mixed or whatever.
Emiel Maier (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 30, 2003report abuse
Remember that all the singles bought at the Free Record Shop are only to be listed in their own Pepsi Chart. And in my humble opinion this Pepsi Chart is not related to Top Of The Pops. But to be honest I don't know the shops were purchases are registered for the Top Of The Pops list! It is very confusing with three seperate lists that are currently doing the rounds here in The Netherlands. And I want to make sure that my purchase will benefit the broadcasting of Rubberneckin' on Top Of The Pops.

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