Pot Luck Session Volumes 1, 2 And 3

So far we only saw two volumes mentioned in the "Complete Pot Luck Sessions", but according to the German Graceland magazine there also is a third volume. This volume should contain: "Kiss Me Quick" takes 1 - 8, "That Someone You'll Never Forget" takes 1 - 12, I'm Yours takes 1 - 6 and Steppin' Out Of Line" takes 1 - 17.
Source: Magazines: Graceland / Updated: Jul 30, 2004 
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doctor (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2004report abuse
Why the negativity towards Ernst? Elvis' musical heritage was rescued by Ernst & BMG these past fifteen years. Before Ernst, it was business as usual at RCA -- no real plan and no respect for the artistry of the greatest performer the world has ever known. Since Ernst, a whole new generation has been exposed to Elvis and has placed him right where he belongs -- at the top again. Elvis wasn't a song writer, however -- he was the greatest interpreter of music ever to have lived. The proof lies in the fact that each time he covered a song previously done by other artists, he made it his own. ("THat's All Right", "Blue Suede Shoes","My Way", "You Gave Me a Mountain", "Hurt", the list goes on!) I personally don't care that Elvis didn't write songs. He was too busy singing whichever songs he identified with, and producing them in the studio. No one ever produced Elvis, really, although he got some great help from the likes of Sam Phillips/Chips Moman for example."That's Someone You Never Forget" is a wonderful song and does deserve to get more exposure. It also makes you wonder -- had Elvis wanted to try and write more songs, what could have happened? I guess we'll never know.
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2004report abuse
There are 12 versions of THAT'S SOMEONE YOU NEVER FORGET (the correct title!), a song that Elvis co-wrote with Red West. This is a song that should be better knwon by Elvis fans, who never ever seem to get the title right!!! Elvis came up with this title himself and actually wrote this song with Red's help. Elvis came up with the whole idea for this song, a tribute to his mother Gladys. So this song is totally Elvis' brainchild and disproves the myth that Elvis never came up his his own song ideas and never wrote a song. The songwriting credit reads: "Words and Music by Elvis Presley and Red West". Jorgensen tends to dismiss this, however. He thinks that just because you come up with the title of a song, just because you come up with the theme of a song, just because the song is your whole idea, just because you create it in the studio, nevertheless, you didn't write it. I disagree with Jorgensen here. He just perpetuates the negative stereotypes of Elvis which are also false. Jorgensen also does not know that Elvis played LEAD electric guitar. I would be very careful about Jorgensen and these so-called experts.
But I would like to see this song on more Elvis collections, even a single release. More Elvis fans should get behind this song and know more about it (especially the CORRECT title, for starters!). After all, it is a song that Elvis wrote.
TCBn with TLC Bet (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2004report abuse
Who wants vinyl anymore when you can have it on a CD? This is Elvis' voice at its best !! I have never heard such a sweet, tender male voice as this....all those lessons he got from asking Charlie to take music lessons in Germany while they were in the service really paid off...and all his practicing Mario Lanza songs resulted in "It's Now or Never" (O Solo Mio) and "Surrender" (Come Back to Sorrento), 1960 and 1961 hits. Pot Luck and Something for Everybody have some of his best ballads ! Do a websearch and check out all the CDs already available. Always great to hear the rehearsals, tho, and his comments and laughter. He really loved to sing !
memphisflash (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 31, 2004report abuse
I've had the vinyl of this for years.

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