Playing For Keeps

Volume 43 of the Norwegian Flaming Star magazine comes with a promotional CD entitled "Playing for keeps" which contains four tracks; "Playing For Keeps", "Love Me", "How Do You Think I Feel" and "How┬┤s The World Treating You". All tracks recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California on September 1, 1956.
Source: Magazines: Flaming Star / Updated: Feb 27, 2007 
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shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 1, 2007report abuse
The only GGG out-takes are from acetates which mostly are not out-takes at all but just different versions of the master (undubbed, overdubbed, unedited and so on). The tapes are missing! Why should BMG/FTD buy such things when there have so much of their own that they can still release? Nobody has ever said that the classic albums you mention (such as the stax session) will not be released - in fact Jorgensen said recently that they WILL be released at some point in the future. We now have three FTD releases coming in April containing much unreleased material and yet the fans always want more! We should feel thankful for what we have!
Anton (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2007report abuse
Shanelee, I have a fantastic quality of the GGGirls movie outtakes. BMG could easily purchase them as well as the others and brush them up if necessary and then throw those at us...we'll be like greedy hounds, all of us, the 250,000 fans who buy that stuff. Isn't that a sollution? Also for KCousins, Roust, Speedway a.o. Now when it comes to KCreole, they got it right there in their vaults baby... Can other fans let us know if they got good quality material from bootlegs on those ?
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2007report abuse
Anton, I'm sure we're all very interested to know which bootlegs contain the movie outtakes you request??? All that I know of are poor sounding acetates, mostly of movie masters from what I remember.
Anton (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2007report abuse
Good work, Congrats Norge! Can you however publish a series of EPFans' recomms on what 450,000 EP fans really want to buy from BMG ? Refer to Poll of the fans who read yr mag. Do they want FTD 4CD Boxes of EinPerson, TTWII with real live renditions, EonStage, all extended with more songs and upgraded/enhanced ? Plus, marketed with a DVD that goes with it!? Same for EonTour 73 (longoverdue) Do they want on FTD the Double AlbumsSeries withADDED outtakes of those sessions (RaisedOR-Now, PromL-EPBlvd, GTimes-MoodyBl, Fool-LLetters) Do they want Movie outtakes from GGG, KCous, Speedw, Roust, Easy Go a.o. If no tapes are available BMG should purchase them back from bootleggers...they have the great materials already a long time in hand...they are creative and innovative, also commercially alert (more than BMG ?) Your reaction is welcomed ! Keep rockin' them Vikings !
PaulFromFrance (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2007report abuse
Superb design (the "Living Mono" logo is great ;-) Is there a way to have this record without being Norwegian ?
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 28, 2007report abuse
4 super songs...playing for keeps is great

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