Picture To Be Restored On Elvis Memorial

Over a month ago, someone stole the metal picture of Elvis Presley that makes up part of the memorial plaque at Alabama and Market Streets on the former Market Square Arena site in downtown Indianapolis. The picture was taken at Market Square Arena during the King's final concert, and the plaque holds a ticket stub from the June 26, 1977 event. Police say they don't know who's responsible for the theft. Paul Lipps, the man who took the original picture, has another snapshot he'd like to install on the memorial. American Granite, the company working on the marker, says some cracks in the memorial need to be addressed, and they'd like to make it more secure. "We might even have to dismantle it and take it somewhere, which would be a real pain," said Lipps. But he's determined to restore the memorial. Fans have been calling for the return of the picture. "I think we'll go ahead and put it on today so it looks like something," said Lipps. Jeff Angel of the Gold Morning Good Guys at Gold 104.5 says his station is picking up the tab for the project. "We figured it was important to Elvis fans everywhere, not just here. This is our little part of history. His last concert - nobody foresaw that was gonna happen and was gonna be here. It wasn't a big concert for him, but all of a sudden it became history and Indianapolis is part of that. So we're gonna be a part of it and make sure this stays and looks right for the fans," said Angel. Even if it takes a little more effort than first thought. "You just have to squeeze management a little bit tighter and if nothing else, we can get out and raise some money. There are lots of fans out there who'd be happy to give, I'm sure. So we'll do that."
Source: Google / Updated: Jun 10, 2004 
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