Petition For D.J. Fontana

Fans from the Elvis Presley's Sweet Sweet Spirit Fan Club started a petition to induct D.J. Fontana into The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. If you think DJ should be inducted too, then click on th link below to sign the petition. We, the undersigned, as fans Elvis Presley, call for the induction of his first drummer the legendary D.J. Fontana into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. D.J. is a true pioneer of the Rock & Roll ERA. His contribution to music history as a side man for Elvis Presley is unparalleled to any musician of the time. He played on approximately 460 RCA cuts with Elvis. D.J., Scotty Moore and Bill Black formed Elvis' original band. D.J. was the man behind the beat for the first 15 years of Elvis' career. D.J. and Scotty Moore received the NASHVILLE MUSIC AWARD for the best indepenent album of the year in 1998 for "All The Kings Men". D.J. and Scotty were also nominated for a Grammy in 1998 for "Going Back To Memphis", from their CD "All The Kings Men".
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: Oct 20, 2003 
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N0.10 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2003report abuse
There should be no need for a petition, as the great D.J should have been inducted along with Scotty Moore and Bill Black,lets not forget they are part of Rock "n" Roll history... Paul Downie The Elvis Touch fan club Glasgow,Scotland
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 22, 2003report abuse
DJ should definitely be inducted. However, he certainly wasn't Elvis' first drummer - that honour belongs to Jimmie Lott.
Tigerman-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 22, 2003report abuse
I know that Scotty Moore is in the RRHOF, and it's nice that someone is trying to get DJ in, but can anyone tell me if Bill Black has been inducted, I think that the Blue Moon Boys should all be included.
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2003report abuse
This is long overdue. Absolutely DJ should be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame; he was there at the beginning supporting Elvis as he continues to do and is a great ambassador for music generally. Without Scotty and DJ history would have been different. (Although without a doubt we would have still had our Elvis!). But what other drummer deserves it more? Good on you DJ - all the very best and keep up the good work.

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