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Auctionworld will do another Elvis auction. An special Elvis evening starts at 9pm on Wednesday 17th live on Auctionworld. The biggest piece is Elvis’s actual driving licence, the piece is worth £50,000 but the auction is starting at £10. Other items include a pair of shoes he owned and wore in the 70’s (Guide £25,000 start £10), a 1969 green shirt (Guide £15,000 start £10), 1971 Elvis gun registration (Guide £12,000 start £10), 1963 Rolls Royce Registration (Guide £3,000 start £10), 1958 Telegram to the president (Guide £3,500 start £10), a letter to his friend George Klein when he was serving in the army (Guide £5,000 start £10), an 1975 Italian pipe (Guide £12,000 start £10), an Elvis Jailhouse Rock Autograph (Guide £3,000 start £10) and a 1966 Hal Willis studio contract (Guide £3,500 start £10). All the pieces have been sourced from private collectors and museums in America, including Gracelands itself. All the auctions are live and interactive on sky: channel 651 and ntl: channel 924. The bidding is also live on the web.
Source: Auction World TV / Updated: Sep 16, 2003 

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TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 18, 2003report abuse
There were some unusual statements made throughout this show. It was presented by two different people over a four hour period. The first guy repeatedly said that there was a driver's licence coming up later which would surprise everyone because it shows Elvis lied about his height and was actually 5ft 9. Now the alarm bells began ringing for me at that point. Of course Elvis wasn't 5'9, we all know that. I figured that the item coming up must therefore be a fake and was considering contacting the show before it came on so some poor fan didn't part with thousands for it. Anyway, when the item did finally come on it said, as would be expected, Height 6'0, weight 170 pounds. ?? What a shambolic show! They used a recorded message from Donna Presley for one particular item that I got the impression she has some direct involvement in - strands of Elvis' hair. There are many of these items and it has featured on the channel over the last few weeks. With the endorsement from her, I have no confidence in its authenticity. My advice to any fan is to be careful before buying such items.
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
Agree with TonyP. In particular with regard to Donna Presley - agree her memory is totally amazing!! She would do well to take a leaf out of Priscillas book!
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
I watched the first of these shows and I found some of it quite annoying. An item they had been really building up was the 'first guitar Elvis ever owned'. For the Elvis fan, the mind immediately goes to the famous guitar that Gladys and Vernon bought Elvis because they couldn't afford to get him a bike. It was not this item at all. The guitar came from James Cannon, who was one of the guys Elvis used to hang out with at the Triangle and jam with a little. It seems, according to James, that the guitar was one that was passed around and played by a few people. I got the impression that Elvis hadn't even owned it. The most annoying part was that the guitar was presented with a picture of Elvis as a kid and the presenter kept saying 'now that isn't Elvis of course, it's his friend James Cannon.' It rather undermined the piece.
Donna Presley was there for the whole three hours and her powers of recall seemed incredible. She kept on about living at Graceland for 10 years and being around Elvis all the time. She seemed to remember Elvis wearing every item they were auctioning. With recent news suggesting that her claim to live at Graceland for 10 yrs was a fantasy, I'm assuming most of what she said was garbage.

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