Pearl Jam Plays Elvis

Last night, Pearl Jam performed the Elvis song "Little Sister" during their Philadelphia concert. This marks the 3rd Elvis song Pearl Jam has covered. "My Way"(a Sinatra song, but actually intruduced as an Elvis song) and in 2000, because of "geographical location of the venue" they performed "Cant Help Falling in Love" in Memphis and Las Vegas. The version of Little Sister is nothing spectacular, as it is a simple song. Pearl Jam has fun with it. Eddie has a little trouble with the words, but it appears like they may have just learned it that day. Pearl Jam also has a T-shirt that says LBC in the same theme of the Elvis TCB. LBC standing for their song Love Boat Captain. The concert can be bought from Pearl Jams official bootleg series for $10.00.
Source: Email / Updated: Oct 5, 2005 
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