Paul Leim Stands In For Ron Tutt

An email from Ronnie Tutt regarding the TCB Birthday Concert in Belgium: 

"Hello Friends & Fans, as you know, my involvement with your shows in January were subject to Mr. Diamond's working schedule next year. As he is touring in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, the schedule for rehearsals have just now been announced to start January 4th in Los Angeles and will continue thru Jan. on into possibly the second week of Feb. Even though we had the best intentions and hoped we could have plenty of time to do your shows before the ND touring started. Regrettably, this now makes it impossible to be able to do your shows as we had hoped.

My good friend Paul Leim has graciously cleared his busy schedule to be able to stand in for me as he has done in the past--starting with Neil Diamond in '97 as I recovered from health issues, and later because of conflicts with Neil diamond's work schedule, with "Elvis the Concert" European Tour as well as "Elvis,The Original Cast" also in Europe. I can recommend no one more than Paul to replace me-- as he has carefully studied my style of playing Elvis' music and he is definitely a "World Class" drummer with a highly successful reputation and career. I look forward to seeing all our friends and fans in the near future."

Most respectfully,

Ronnie Tutt, TCB

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Nov 3, 2010 
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Big Daddy Dan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 4, 2010report abuse
The guy has to be good, those are some tuff drum stix to follow. The artical mentioned Elvis On Tour. Anybody know about the new U.S schedule? I want to see this show again.......PEACE

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