Otis Blackwell

Otis Blackwell is one of the most prolific songwriters of all times with a total of 110 top recording music hits. Now Emax Net purchased the rights to two recording masters, consisting of twenty two songs and the exclusive music publishing rights to thirteen songs written, performed and produced by Otis Blackwell. Otis Blackwell's success in writing music has included monstrous hit songs that were made successful by Elvis Presley such as "Don't Be Cruel", "All Shook Up", "Return To Sender" and "Fever". Other successful songs such as "Handy Man", "Great Balls of Fire" and others have recorded by Legendary artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, James Taylor and Cheap Trick, Neil Diamond, Tanya Tucker, and Ray Peterson.
Source: Emax.net / Updated: Mar 24, 2002 
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