Opening Night - January 1970

The CD "Opening Night - January 1970" will be the follow up to Madison's "Hot August Night". This January 26, 1970 opening show recording was overall of poor quality because of severe microphone overload. It ain't perfect but now for the first time you will be able to enjoy this great concert from beginning to end according to the press-release. From the Press release: This excellent new source has been greatly improved into a surprising fuller, dynamic and warmer sound. Elvis' vocal never sounded so good, and neither gives the impression this was produced from a worn out tape. Most previous releases of this show had the closing song cutting short ( less than 20 seconds ) and mentioned as '' not completely recorded ''. The whole closing number was recorded and features on this new version. This limited edition of Opening Show - January 1970 will come with a professionally designed 16-page booklet, liner notes, memorabilia and photographs from Elvis' second Las Vegas season. Don't miss out in March 2008 a remarkable concert and Closing Night - February 1970's perfect companion, Opening Night - January 1970 !!!! Watch out for an unreleased 1973 soundboard recording from the same label !!!! Tracklisting: 1- Opening - All Shook Up 2:22 / 2- That's All Right 2:51 / 3- Proud Mary 2:55 / 4- Don't Cry Daddy 3:00 / 5- Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel 2:24 / 6- Long Tall Sally 1:50 / 7- Let It Be Me 3:53 / 8- I Can't Stop Loving You 2:50 / 9- Walk A Mile In My Shoes 2:56 / 10- In The Ghetto 3:23 / 11- True Love Travels On A Gravel Road ( with false start ) 3:44 / 12- Sweet Caroline 4:02 / 13- Polk Salad Annie 5:27 / 14- Band introductions 2:16 / 15- Kentucky Rain 3:18 / 16- Suspicious Minds 6:27 / 17- Can't Help Falling In Love 2:02
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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2008report abuse
Your more of of Ftd fan than me,i personally wish they stick there cd's in cases with liner notes so i dont get bent cardboard fold outs,but as for this show,it was on 2 differt imports in not so great sound,and if they would have released it in full if they have it that is,it would have been a big seller im sure!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 16, 2008report abuse
FTD does "what it does" very well in an complimentary way to the import world. Madison has long been able to be spoken of in the same breath as older notable import labels, so I can hardly think of anyone else who should tackle this material. I missed "ROCK IN BLACK" recently but this one should make that one much less necessary given its better source and Madison reputation. I agree bonus tracks would be nice but if its a complete show, then no rip-off there in my book...
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2008report abuse
Ftd had plenty of time to release this show,as far as i know,it was on 2 differt cd's in not so great sound,untill rock in black was released,i think the 2 old imports were walk a mile in my shoes and true love travels on a gravel road,so i dont understand why Ftd hasnt released this show,guess too busy with those mighty mighty classic series(no personal attacks) that is all for now!
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 12, 2008report abuse
As this is a rather short show and some of us have already bought this concert about 3 times, I would like to see some bonus tracks on here as a filler, rather than 25 minutes of blank space.
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2008report abuse
Steve,this show is complete now on this cd. If you are talking about the FTD label, well, they don't really want to re-release those shows which were bootlegged already. There are exceptions, of course. And yes, the soundboards are almost always incomplete. The multi-track recordings from this season are also incomplete. But this one is complete, fortunately. Go and get it, while you can.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2008report abuse
The best Vegas season ever in my opinion. Its too bad the label doesnt release this show or another complete show properly from start to finish. Have they not recorded full shows? They certainly have enough from 1969. Why do we have to rely on the bootleggers for this season?
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2008report abuse
Great news. It will be a winner (re)release,especially for the new fans. I wonder why 'Can't Help Falling In Love' wasn't included originally... Finally we have the chance to get the complete show in better than ever sound quality.
Tiger-man-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2008report abuse
OK OK, if you compare them to Fort Baxter or Bilko for example they're still the new kids on the block, what I meant to say is they're joining the top flight along with those guys.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 10, 2008report abuse
"Becoming"...? <grin> I'll be looking for this one! I wasn't around for a lot of the first issues (too many I don't have or have on a place-holding CD-R) so I'm loving collecting these "do-overs" with improved sound and deluxe booklets that put the originals to shame...
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 10, 2008report abuse
Tiger-man-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 10, 2008report abuse
Really looking forward to this release, Madison are fast becoming one of the leading lights in the import world.

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