One For The Money None For The Impersonator

An Elvis impersonator, complete with jumpsuit and mask, marched into a Shoney's restaurant in Richmond, Va., said he had a gun and demanded cash. But the counterman was all shook up by the encounter and couldn't work up the nerve to get the money, which frustrated "The King" so much, he left without a dime. Elvis has left the building - after trying to rob it, police said.
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: Oct 22, 2003 
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EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2003report abuse
C'mon cheer up mate. These little snippets of news from today, curiositas, I find'em funny! Its great that Elvisnews is more than just chart updates and bootleg news. You find that everywhere on the net.
As a matter of fact this is what makes Elvisnews my main Elvis-link in the bookmarks: It covers a much wider range of Elvis-related news. I still find more or less the same news that everyone else offers, and then some.
To me this site, and the insightful considerations and judgements done by Oven Egeland on his site (and I would of course love to give y'all the url right here but the ridicolous "rules" forbid it - search for "Oven Egeland" on google), that makes a perfect blend of everything Elvis-related today. So keep up the good work Elvisnews, and keep the news a-flowin'. ;)
Since you displayed clear insight :-), try Ovens site at:
jendror (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2003report abuse
For once, I find this information non relevant. I love the updating of this wonderfull web site but this news flash is one I could live without. Left bad taste in my mouth...

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