Nominate A Little Less Conversation For Video Music Awards

VH1's Video Music Awards are coming up in August, recognizing achievements in music video during the 2002/2003 eligibility period. There is a Viewer's Choice category. On the VH1 site you can locate the list of eligble videos and find the video for the JXL remix of Elvis' A Little Less Conversation. (If you browse by artist, look under "P" for Presley. If you browse by title, look under "L" for Little.) For now, the voting is to create the list of nominees. Make sure ALLC gets on that ballot! If ALLC makes the cut, then we'll alert you when it's time to go back and vote again. Click below to go to the Viewer's Choice nomination area of the VH-1 site.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 3, 2003 
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