No Live A Little, Love A Little?

The movie "Live A Little, Love A Little" was featured on the CD Universe site for pre-order with the release date is November 1, 2005. Now the move has been removed from the site. Elvis Radio on Sirius 13 did announce that 'Live A Little, Love A Little' would be released Nov.1st 2005 though.
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buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2005report abuse
santa claus is right in a way. The Elvis sites on the web are as bad as the american news media. They rush to be the first to print it with bits and pieces of information before they are sure of it being the truth. What has happened with the This is Elvis DVD extended version that half the people wrote in and said was false while the other half said it was true. The Live a Little Love of Little was argued to be the one that was going to be released instead of This is Elvis. Now does anybody have any idea what is gonna be released other than a 3 cd box sets with all the same songs on it. Also they were supposed to be working on the extended DVD version of the TV broadcast Elvis Lives at the same time the other special versions were released. It was said that the Dvd would still be released but there were copyright problems. You have to wonder are all the people at the top idiots that copyrights are not worked out in advance, could not something be placed in the contract the possibility of a Dvd released based on how well the ratings or demand was. They all at the top are acting like elementary school student you know "If I half to give you a bite of my candybar when I open it I would rather stay hungry and will not open it unless I can eat all of it" while they are doing this the bootleggers are making 30-60 american dollars per sale and flooding the market, I am so tired of the officials I look at it this way if you want me to buy your product ten times in a different wrapper then I will haveto buy from someone who has something I don't already have I don't really care how they got it and I am not going to ask because my understanding is in a lot of places around the world it is legal. BMG and EPE both need to realize just because you put sprite in a coke can, it doesnt change the fact it is still sprite and after you poor spite in a Dr. pepper can and every other product your company makes after they get past the point of well the outside looks pretty. It doesnt change the fact that it is sprite. When the company comes out with a brandnew product with a gorgeous label you look at the ingredients and realize it is just another damn sprite in a different color bottle. the box set Platinum a life in music I thought was great, and though FTD could do better at least they give you something different. I guess I was wrong I figured once sillerman bought the rights to epe that BMG and the other companies would work and revive the Elvis market. at the very least give us a follow-up to the box set elvis close up at least it is something different.
Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2005report abuse
There are concerts that move the world (Live 8 etc.). There are popmusic-duets sung by Mega-Stars. Everything is available on CD and DVD. And than there's an old trash-movie in which Elvis co-stars with a dancing dog and whups...there are the copyright-problems. Stop telling me that sh.t. Keep your DVDs for yourself and don't fool the fans anymore. I record this movie with my DVD-recorder next time it's on TV. And the 16 Euro I would have spend for the DVD will be spend for more useful things. Hello Entertainment-Industry: It's not the piracy-scene that kills you. You do it all by yourself. By the way you treat your customers.

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