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Elvis' next UK single is expected to be "Heartbreak Hotel" but not until January 2006 to coincide with its 50th anniversary. It is being proposed that it will be a multi format release on both the original HMV label, and also RCA. There should be two HMV 10" formats, one on vinyl 45rmp, and one of shellac 78rpm (a pressing plant in India still makes this format); two 7" 45s one on HMV and the other bearing the US RCA logo, and possibly two CD single versions. With so many varieties to purchase this anniversary release should top the charts, providing there still is a single chart in eighteen months time.
Source: Todd Slaughter / Updated: Aug 14, 2004 
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Scratch (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2004report abuse
I think a remixed version of a LIVE Suspicious Minds (1969/70) would be a perfect single. Elvis never sang it better than in these two years and because it's faster, it lends itself to that ubiquitous drum beat required for a smash hit. Much of the world has never heard the live versions... they've almost been my favourite - and imagine the video clip!
Sal (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 17, 2004report abuse
'Heartbreak' was THE single to crack the pop world back in 56' its still a fantastic original song and when it came out tore up the rule books. It will do well in 2066 let alone 2006. The fans will always make sure of that. But what of 2005? no single? 'If i can dream' has always been a firm favourite and with the 68' special footage, would be a certain No;1 especially this Xmas. No remix, just the King knocking his tripe out for a very emotive, powerhouse of a tune! C'mon BMG lets go!!
joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2004report abuse
This is the best news since A Little Less Conversation. I am sure you will all recall the negative reaction from the seasoned fans to ALLC when it was first announced?? Now it seems everyone loves it.
Anyway, Heartbreak Hotel is the REAL launch of Rnr worldwide. Or certainly the Launch of the K1NG of RnR worldwide. Very few people outside the ELV1S world had every heard of That's All Right, and it doesn't come close to Heartbreak Hotel. The radio stations will lay this song morning, noon and night.
I agree that it was dissappointing about Suspicious Minds not hitting #1 some years back, but Elvis fans were a bit more "subdued" back then. I am confident that when HH hits the streets that the fans will be out in force. THe UK is the premier singles chart in the world. Some of us here in Ireland will be buying copies through the internet to help the UK charts in the first week.
By the way, I know we were dissapointed at the sales of TAR, but to make #3 in the UK is still a noteworthy achievement!!
miked (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2004report abuse
Riozzi and Jim, both spot on, but what can we do to push this, does anyone listen to our views, in the right places I mean? The more we promote our views the more likely we'll be listened to... perhaps. A bit like promotion eh?
Riozzi (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2004report abuse
heartbreak hotel was a great and innovative single at the time,still a classic, but it will not be a number one in today's world. As sam philips said 'if you ain't doing anything different, 'you ain't doing anything'.Please release ' if i can dream' from the special, it's got a great video to back it up, but it still has to be promoted in a big big way.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 15, 2004report abuse
It all goes back to Promotion and Marketing, something that sadly rarely exists in the Elvis world. If releases were promoted correctly you could get Elvis singing to himself in the bath to Number 1 nevermind Heartbreak Hotel. Thats All Right Mama was largely a flop. Yes it reached Number 3 in the UK but to sell just 14,000 or so records in the most important anniversary in music history was abysmal in my opinion. Similar story with Rubberneckin, little promotion and it was quickly forgotten. Of course, one could argue that without the World Cup and Nike, ALLC wouldn't have got into the Top 100 anywhere in the world either !. I'll gladly stand corrected but what happened to all the TV publicity in the UK over the Aloha and 68 DVDs ?? Fortunately they are still selling well in the UK (number 1 for past 4 weeks) but thats purely down to the wonderful, loyal Elvis fans who continually support the releases and keep spreading the word to relatives, friends, colleagues whoever to make a purchase. Personally, I don't think Heartbreak Hotel is the right choice. 1956 although an explosive year for Elvis and put him on the worldwide stage, will not sell well at all with todays younger generation, purely as most radio stations refuse to play Elvis songs (Radio 1 UK - where 95% of the kids who buy records listen too). The best Elvis song in my opinion was released a few years and was arguably the poorest promoted song of all time - Suspicious Minds. This is a song that everybody in the world loves, from 10 year old right through to 80 + ! Sadly that chance was blown, so I'm not sure whether that would be released again. So yeh, as an alternative and taking into account the troubled world we live in, If I Can Dream would be the obvious choice. Providing it was promoted and marketed in a big way, this would easily be a world wide smash but sorry to keep going on about it, without the promotion, it wont do very well at all.
miked (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 15, 2004report abuse
Eddie and Shakingruud, we're on the same wave length. Any Elvis release is worth having but we want the best and to get it to the top. In todays "younger" market you need to be actively promoting the release. I can't see any real outlet for Heartbreak. However, ALLC and Rubberneckin did great because of promotion and the "quirkiness" of the re-mixes. I suggest "If I can dream" because there's a ready made promotion for that, the excellent video on the "68 Comeback" DVD. "That's all right" did really well, but had the background of the hype over the birth of rock 'n roll to help it along. I'm sorry but I live in GB and I don't recall hearing or being aware of "If I can Dream" being released Sept 11 few years ago, so let's give it a go now.
MV (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 15, 2004report abuse
I don't see any need to release a single every year.BMG are doing the right thing in not having yet another remix.That would be seen for what it is:overkill.The 50th for Heartbreak hotel is a good opportunity and with a 10inch vinyl plus maybe a video should do well.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 15, 2004report abuse
I agree with Shakingruud. If Elvis is to have another NO.1 single then it has got to contemporary. ALLC was a phenominal success albeit on the back of a Nike TV ad, but so what. I personally feel that a re-mixed is the only step forward in achieving chart dominance.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 15, 2004report abuse
c'mon get real!! Heartbreak Hotel is a classic, i agree, but totally out of time with todays popmusic! To me is the worst song they can choose for a single release.I remember way back in 1985 they released H.H in Holland and it did....nothing at all! Why not release a 1970's song, whick sounds more like the music we hear today on the radio! Always On My Mind and Suspicious Minds were big hits only a few years ago.
VanBeek (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2004report abuse
Heartbreak Hotel is a fantastic timeless song!! And ready to be a number one hit for 2006!! About "If I Can Dream" Okay it's a great song. But It was released at a very good period of time in the sept 11 single. It reached number 7 at the bilboard. So what is the idea to released it again??
miked (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2004report abuse
come on guys, we've just had some great dvd's and the best you can do is give us Heartbreak 4 months time. Surely you build on success, use the superb dvd video in "comeback" to promote "If I can dream". In the current climate it would be huge.
jean michel (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2004report abuse
it would have been nice to see an if I can dream single .
Jan 2006 : at least it gives them the time to make a nice video clip to promote the H.H. single. Hope all the proposed formats will be released.

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