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After many letters to Graceland from fans who have been concerned about Elvis's jumpsuits at the racquetball building would get damaged has Graceland decided to build display cases. They will be completed by the birthday celebration in January. This is not the only part of the exhibit renovations they have planned to implement this winter. The 2nd phase includes a new look for the Hall of Gold and the whole trophy building which they are also currently designing with installation scheduled to begin after birthday along with an entire new exhibit in Sincerely Elvis scheduled to be installed in late February
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Nov 10, 2004 
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Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 11, 2004report abuse
Great news in that the up and coming generations of Elvis fans will see the jumpsuits protected like the gold lame one, but I must admit there was something lovely in walking through the racquetball building into his suits in the open. There seemed to be a closeness I can't explain, and it was lovely. I personally am not keen on making Graceland a "museum" but understand that in a way, we must let it to preserve Elvis' memory and belongings for others. I feel blessed have felt that closeness, particularly with the Aloha and the Aztec suits. Well done fans, we are only looking after Elvis.
MsClawdy (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 10, 2004report abuse
It shows there is strength in numbers and bravo to all who sent out emails about this. . Elvis fans are the greatest , they never give up .

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