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The site "For Elvis CD Collectors Only" has a great new section in which readers can ask Ernst Jorgensen almost anything, even better is the fact that Ernst answers the questions. We picked one of the most interesting questions (answers), and you can read the complete list at "For Elvis CD Collectors Only". The Question: RCA celebrates his 100th anniversary with a serie of CD's. One is dedicated to Elvis, and another to Ann Margaret. On this last CD, we can find two versions of the duets with Elvis and Ann. The version of "The Lady Loves Me" has the indication "Take 9" (we know that the master take is 10). But, there is no indication for the song " You're the boss", and it is an alternate version. I would like to know what is the take number and why the takes are so clean and sound so good. (From Germain Tremblay) The Answer from Ernst Jorgensen: I haven't heard the CD. The producer must have gotten back to the session reels, and without permission, just used the outtakes. The reason they sound so good, is that I recently acquired the original 3 track tapes of the two songs, and I'm very annoyed of this abuse. These should have come out on an Elvis CD, and not be used to force collectors into buying an Ann-Margret CD they may not want. More information to follow.
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Aug 21, 2001 

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