New Time Life Book Names Elvis #1

A new book published by Time-Life names Elvis at #1 in a list of The Top 100 Rock & Rollers of All Time. "In the 20th century, only a few individuals in the world of popular music were so far above and beyond what surrounded them that they became stars of a different, greater magnitude. Bing Crosby was one, so was Frank Sinatra. The third member of that tiny but brilliant constellation was a young man who emerged from a hardscrabble Mississippi background to become a phenomenon that may have been the biggest of them all: Elvis." The top 10 - 1. Elvis Presley, 2. The Beatles, 3. Bob Dylan, 4. James Brown, 5. The Rolling Stones, 6. Madonna, 7. Stevie Wonder, 8. Chuck Berry, 9. Michael Jackson, 10. Kurt Cobain
Source: Time / Updated: Mar 14, 2002 

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