New Song About Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins

Posted on the Second To None messageboard is a posting on a new song on the latest Stray Cats CD about Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. The song is titled " Mystery Train Kept A Rollin'" and the music should be very similar to the original song "Mystery Train" with many of the same guitar riffs. The song will be available on DVD with new Stray Ctas live shows from Brixton - London 2004. Here are the lyrics: Well the train pulled in the station 'bout 1955 I'd never been to Memphis, but oh man alive The town was really buzzin' 'bout this cat from Tennessee The boy who shook his hips was such a shocking sight to see He was a devil, don't cha know, this greasy cat from Tupelo Sit right back you rockin' cats, just enjoy the show. Yeah I heard the whistle blowin', but it was so much more than that There was a guitar and a singer and this big bass they would slap I saw my town a passin' and I waved goodbye Cuz that Mystery Train done hooked me like old bourbon, whiskey and rye. CHORUS: (Mystery train kept a rollin') Elvis Presley lead the way (Mystery train kept a rollin') Johnny Cash was shovelin' coal (Mystery train kept a rollin') Jerry Lee he was the brake man (Mystery train kept a rollin') Mr. Phillips ran the show Carl Perkins punched my ticket, well this train don't ever stop Just hang around and listen boy, we'll show you how to rock. I went to Mr. Perkins, this train sure rollin' fast Well kid if you can't hold on, you ain't never gonna last I told the man in black to shovel a little more coal I went and grabbed my guitar and yelled teach me how to rock and roll CHORUS (see above) Cuz I knew I's on a ride that would take me to the top Mystery Train kept a rollin' and it never gonna stop The train it hit a tunnel, everything got dark as night Elvis whispered in my ear, it's gettin' rough so hold on tight The steamin' locomotive, man we almost jumped the track Roy Orbison stood up and sang we ain't never turnin' back..... I said hey Roy, hey Johnny, hey Jerry Lee, well now I really see Well thank you for the ticket, but I don't want the fame I just wanna ride on this big old Mystery Train....(Yeah!) Get on board...
Source: Elvis 2nd To None / Updated: Oct 17, 2004 
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Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 18, 2004report abuse
well in fact the title of the song is "MYSTERY TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN", and it will be available on DVD with new Stray Ctas live shows from Brixton - London 2004 (witch I attended :-) ) col show I tell you, they plaed That's All Right, Good Rockin' TOnite and My Baby Left Me as a special tribute to ELvis and his first single that was on top charts at this time :-) (I want from Poland to London just to see 2 shows of Stray Cats at it was great, now I'm looking for ELvis The COncert, I saw it only once in Amsterdamm 2003, and it was great !!!)
ryangiggs (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 17, 2004report abuse
Elton John has a new album out soon and there is a song called Porch Swing in Tupelo which Bernie Taupin wrote after he went down there to have a look. Elton said Bernie was so inspired that he had to write a song about it. Always good to have songs paying homage and especially someone of Eltons stature along with people like the Stray Cats.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 17, 2004report abuse
cool cant wait to hear it

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