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After a couple of weeks of silence due to the holidays, we have a new quickpoll "Is Rubberneckin' what we are waiting for?". An easy question for those that hate remixes at all, but for others it might be more difficult. Is it disappointing, or is it a worthy follow up to "A Little Less Conversation?"
Updated: Aug 8, 2003 

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Robert Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 16, 2003report abuse
Hello Elvis Friends: What a wonderful feeling to return to this feedback forum. (I just love those editors of
The remix for Rubberneckin' receives my Yes vote. The product must be current today to float in the market place of the new millenium. If current means release a remixed soundtrack to support Elvis' vocal track then so be it.

I have always believed Elvis' vocal interpretation of many songs demonstrated a voice prepared to meet new challenges. On the other hand, I offer wondered why the original final mix did not offer a strong balance.

Again, I say today we are fortunate to have all the technology at our finger tips to hear Elvis as he has never been heard before. This old techno dinosaur confesses that some of the technology of today is beyond my scope of understanding

But, I still appreciate the new releases. And amazing still isn't it, what these remixes reveal about Elvis' vocal abilities. Happy listening to all.

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