New Promo Release: Stranger In My Own Hometown

This five-track promo is presented as a deluxe digipack, which you can fold out twice. The packaging is simply stunning - BMG Denmark have really "gone to town" on this one. As a symbol for the title, a great early morning shot of the Hernando DeSoto Bridge and the Mississippi river was chosen, and this shot continues all over the packaging. A great dramatic shot of Elvis on stage in 1970 is superimposed in the photo, and part of that shot continues on the back. Inside the packaging are a text in English and Danish about the material on the CD and words of tribute to our club from The TCB band, The Stamps, Ernst Jorgensen, Sam Phillips, Sherrill Nielsen, Thomas Larsen/BMG Denmark and Patsy Andersen of Graceland, along with a shot of Elvis in rehearsal in July 1970. The tracks are: "Reconsider Baby" (Live at Madison Square Garden, June 10, 1972); "My Babe" (Live in Las Vegas, August 26, 1969); "Stranger In My Own Hometown" (rehearsal, July 24, 1970); "Baby What You Want Me To Do" (Live in Las Vegas, August 26, 1969) and "Steamroller Blues" (Live in Memphis, March 20, 1974). These tracks were chosen to showcase Elvis' talents as a blues-singer. One CD For the collectors to hunt down.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Mar 30, 2000 
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