New One-Hour TV Editions Of Aloha And Comeback Specials

Knowing some TV networks outside the USA that are airing the Elvis By The Presleys television program would want some additional special Elvis programming to run the same week, we decided to offer new television edits of material from the Elvis '68 Comeback Special and Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii to them. Our agent who has been making the bookings with non-USA television networks indicated that one-hour versions of the '68 and Aloha shows would be ideal. (The hour includes commercial time, so the actual Elvis content for each is around 47 minutes.) Soon, our agent will give us air dates for Elvis By The Presleys in the various countries outside the USA and will indicate which ones also took on the new TV editions of the '68 and Aloha specials. We will post that information the moment we have it. Anticipating the two most frequently asked questions: Will the new one-hour TV versions of '68 and Aloha air in the USA? - No, there are no plans for that. Presently, we have an exclusive commitment with CBS with Elvis By The Presleys and cannot do new Elvis television entertainment programming on other networks in America during a certain window of time around the airing of the special. As CBS also has the Elvis mini-series airing during the same period, they have all the Elvis programming they can handle at this time. But, we continue to work on ideas for new American network television presentations of the '68 and Aloha material for later and will let you know what develops. Whether these one-hour versions for the current non-USA opportunity would be the versions to air in America or whether our ideas for something more elaborate will come to pass, we don't know. Right now, having the little one-hour '68 and Aloha programs for networks outside America is a special current opportunity in those countries to promote the '68 and Aloha deluxe DVD sets, to promote Elvis there in general and reach some new audiences with this material, and to make Elvis fans in those countries smile. Will the new one-hour non-USA TV versions of '68 and Aloha be released on DVD? - No. These are just little TV versions to take advantage of the special opportunity we have for television outside the USA at this time. However, we are working on single-disc DVD releases of '68 and Aloha material for global release later this year, probably sometime in August. The single-disc DVDs are being released in order to reach newer audiences for Elvis who aren't likely to buy the deluxe DVD sets and to have '68 and Aloha DVDs carried by retailers that do not carry releases that exceed a certain price point. We are also planning the content in such a way that fans who have the deluxe sets can look forward to the single-disc releases as well. The content for the new '68 and Aloha single disc DVDs will be announced in the months ahead. What is the content of the non-USA one-hour TV presentations of '68 and Aloha?: They are one hour each because that is the time limit given to us with this special television opportunity. Following is a detailed listing of the content of the tapes we prepared. Hopefully, the individual networks will not have to adjust any of it, at least not too much, to accommodate their particular individual programming needs. (You have the content details in advance, so you can give 'em hell if they do!) All of the Aloha material comes from the main concert on January 14, 1973. The source of each performance in the '68 material is indicated in parentheses by each song. All material is adapted from the newly re-mastered and re-edited material from the DVD box sets. ELVIS, ALOHA FROM HAWAII Non-USA Television Edition 2005 Program (12:00) Opening Titles See Rider Burning Love You Gave Me a Mountain Steamroller Blues Commercial Break (3:30) Program (7:30) My Way Love Me Johnny B. Goode It’s Over Commercial Break (3:00) Program (7:30) I Can’t Stop Loving You What Now My Love Fever Commercial Break (3:00) Program (7:00) Suspicious Minds I’ll Remember You Commercial Break (3:30) Program (12:00) An American Trilogy A Big Hunk o’ Love Can’t Help Falling in Love Closing Credits ELVIS: ’68 COMEBACK SPECIAL Non-USA Television Edition 2005 Program (12:00) Trouble/Guitar Man opening production number (original edit) Heartbreak Hotel/Hound Dog/All Shook Up (Stand-Up Concert #1) Can’t Help Falling in Love (Stand-Up Concert #1) Jailhouse Rock (Stand-Up Concert #2) Commercial Break (3:30) Program (7:30) That’s All Right (Sit-Down Concert #1) Baby, What You Want Me To Do (Sit-Down Concert #1) Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Sit-Down Concert #1) Commercial Break (3:00) Program (7:30) Don’t Be Cruel (Stand-Up Concert #2) Blue Suede Shoes (Stand-Up Concert #2) Love Me Tender (Stand-Up Concert #1) Commercial Break (3:00) Program (7:00) Baby, What You Want Me To Do (Stand-Up Concert #1 – Guitar Jam) Trying to Get to You (Sit-Down Concert #2) Tiger Man (Sit-Down Concert #2) Commercial Break (3:30) Program (12:00) Are You Lonesome Tonight (Sit-Down Concert #1) One Night (Sit-Down Concert #1) Memories (Sit-Down Concert #1) If I Can Dream (new white suit/black leather combination version from the box set) Closing Credits (Audio is "A Little Less Conversation" as recorded for, but unused in, the original broadcast.)
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: May 7, 2005 
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pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2005report abuse
I saw the 68 special on ITV as well and I really enjoyed it.They said that it was a repeat and we all know it was not.I would have taped it if I new it was a different version.Why did they not give it any publicity ? Elvis by the Presleys had plenty of publicity.And why did they have to put it on so late ?
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on May 21, 2005report abuse
Well ITV1 decided to show the 68 comeback special and listed in Tv times and national newspapers as repeat. I can assure you that the re-edited version of the 68 comeback was not a repeat. I found that the publicity of this being shown was not there. on other programs the tv stations show trailors etc. and there was no publicity for the 68 Comeback show. What Happened To -Aloha From Hawaii- re-edited show. Most countries showed this.( not England ) I hope that the tv station in England buckup their ideas and show Aloha from Hawaii and more Elvis on Tv instead of poor programs . .
judy presley (profilecontact) wrote on May 16, 2005report abuse
As Kilburn Tony has said, this was a re-edited, re-cut version of this fantastic show and added a real touch of excitement with the change of pace. Unfortunately, it was listed in my tv guide as a repeat and given no publicity whatsoever on the lead up to it!!!!
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2005report abuse
The new version of "Elvis" from 1968 was shown on ITV1 in the UK last night at 11.30pm. I very much enjoyed the programme, which is faster moving than the original edit. Going from the opening section straight into the stand up section was an inspired move. Nothing can ever replace the original version, which was a revelation to me when shown on BBC2 in 1969 and resulted in me becoming a fan, but this alternative version would be a good thing for the casual viewer to see on TV.
caseyiodine (profilecontact) wrote on May 7, 2005report abuse
This is all fantastic, and I couldn't be happier. If these are promoted in a big way like the specials being promoted this week, the emerging Elvis' youth fan base will become more unified and less fragmented. Let's hope for big promotion and a joint effort with SonyBMG and other media properties.

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