New Loving You songs: Rumour or Joke?

We received this article by mail, and we're not sure of it's just a rumour or an April Fool's joke. We sent out for more information but didn't receive an answer yet. We already saw people concluding it must be an April Fool's Day joke, because Kitty White did only appear for King Creole. Well, assuming that the Kitty in this article is Kitty White, who can be sure she didn't appear in an earlier stage of Elvis' career? All we can do for now is hoping it is not a joke. "During the last few months we have often reported the activities of Len Lorenzo and Ursula Battenheimer who have been steadfastly working through the Hal B Wallis vaults stored under his former desert home. The dry desert air coupled with very restrictive access have ensured that much of his legacy of 400 movies and associated material remains in pristine condition. The news this month however is the chance discovery of hither to unknown Elvis Presley tracks. The songs are E,1 to 18 "Detour" - O,1-7 "Running Wild" and P 1 to 14 "Kewpie Doll"."
Source: Email / Updated: Apr 2, 2001 
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