New Lisa Marie Album In The Making

During an afterparty closing her Australian tour Lisa Marie Presley did not only promise to return to Melbourne in September, but also told her fellow carousers that she was nine songs into her next album, which is being produced by Grammy winner Linda Perry.
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Mar 31, 2004 
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xovegasox (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 7, 2004report abuse
i agree with jim semple and unique dog. i think her writing is very deep and meaningful unlike what some people put out with all the music about sex, drugs and killing people. atleast her music has meaning. maybe you would like it if you listened to the words. its pretty deep stuff. very good, i think its good she's not trying to be like the others and doing her own thing
Unique Dog (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 7, 2004report abuse
As to wether it "sucked" or not is your own opinion. I loved it. She has tremendous writing talent. Her next album is due out this year.
jpicon69 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 6, 2004report abuse
Another Album! The first and what should have been the only one sucked! That's all. Nothing else to say.
Unique Dog (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 2, 2004report abuse
Lisa is Elvis` daughter and if people want to post Lisa news on here then let them. There`s nothing wrong with it. She`s a talented writer. She`s NOT trying to be her father, maybe that`s why a few Elvis fans are not impressed with her. What did you expect?? Did you expect her to record Hound Dog? She has a nice voice, not the best in the world but it`s nice. She`s a very nice person and down to earth. Give her a break!
Rev. Gerhard (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
It's great to read here good news about the King's talented daughter.
jill20scotland (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
Thank You Kindly Kate...It sure is good to see theres some REAL fans on here :)
Katelouise (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
Cheer up the lot of you. I agree with jill20scotland. Stop criticising her!! She has achieved a lot and I don't believe it is only because of who she is. Elvis really would be disgusted with you! I hope this site is dedicated to everything and everyone Elvis loved because that is part of who he was. You people can't be true Elvis fans you must just be obsessed with the image and not the person! Also I thought her first album was fantastic I just listened to it with an open mind!
jill20scotland (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
ATTENTION!! Right ok you guys you may not like Lisa's Music well...thats fine she dosn't expect everyone to like her music, But to criticise her as much as your doing is beyond a joke, At least she shows some respect to her father .. You people are being so mean and Elvis would have whipped each and everyone of your asses by now for being nasty about better be aware of that..I think you should stop this right now or I will be keen to distance myself from this site ...which I thought gave praise to everything Elvis ever done in his life. And believe it or not folks!! Lisa's part of that!!
MsClawdy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
Jim Semple hit it right !! "She only started defending her Dad when she got into her 30's." That's if you can call plugging her own CD an attempt at defending her dad. . You don't see the loving daughter plugging her Dad's latest CD on her websites .
Scotch (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
Please no Lisa Marie PRESLEY news on this site. Also let's not discuss Scotty Moore, D.J. Fontana, James Burton or anyone else in the TCB Band, any of the Memphis Mafia, the Stamps, the Jordanaires, the Imperials, the Sweet Inspirations, Ernst Jorgenson, BMG, Billboard, Rolling Stone and no post-1977 compilations or video releases. I just want to know about what Elvis did while he walked this planet. So keep that Today In History feature and scrap everything else. Thank you very much...
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
Tony, one word; "amen" :-)
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
This argument occurs every time there is Lisa news and it always bemuses me. What's the big deal? For those who don't want to read it, skip that item in the list and for those who do - and there are plenty - click on it. That way those who are interested don't miss out and those who aren't haven't unfairly deprived others by forcing Lisa news off the site. Is it really such a hardship to simply ignore that single item of news if it doesn't interest you? Before people attack me with the 'But this is a 100% Elvis site' argument, I could take that seriously if it was applied universally to all news items, but it's not. It's only mentioned when Lisa items appear. I don't recall anyone complaining when we were informed that the Sweet Inspirations had a CD single coming out. No reason they should of course, there's an Elvis tie-in, so it's a point of interest for fans. But that's my point and there are many examples of Elvis-related, but not strictly Elvis news items. The only time there are complaints are when the Elvis-related item is a Lisa item and that says more about the anti-Lisa stance of the person complaining than it does about their wish for a 100% site - in my view!
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
O.K Gene no lisa news here, but please be nice to her, or I'll have to come to the Bronx and choke you. I'll give you a real reason to cancel
TCBn with TLC Bet (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 1, 2004report abuse
Elvis worshiped the ground that little girl walked on. He would be a very proud papa to see Lisa developing her own talent. He was critical of impersonators, telling them exactly that--"Thanks for the compliment," he wrote, "but please develop your own talent." Lisa is writing her own songs and singing them in her own style. I saw her in person...her face when she is belting out the words looks amazingly like his when he did the same. She worked the stage...walked up and down, talked to the audience with ease...and while she didn't mention him directly (she didn't need to) she mentioned that she had stayed at Graceland the night before..."that's where I'm from...." and sang the songs that she wrote for her father...She has improved a lot...and looks beautiful....much prettier than Cilla, who I've seen in person too...Let's
remember that Elvis loved both of them and respect that. If you don't care for Lisa's music, that's your choice...don't be so critical...she doesn't have to work at all if she doesn't want to...she is doing it out of love and respect for you Lisa bashers out there, just remember her dad's words and message to us--"Walk a Mile in My Shoes"..
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Of course there is so much Elvis on Lisa's own websites NOT !! Look let be's brutally honest, if it wasn't for her Dad and other musical connections, she wouldn't have got a recording contract in a million years. There are so many more talented people in the world who can't get that lucky break into music. I don't know why I am wasting my time writing about her. PS - She only started defending her Dad when she got into her 30's.
genedin (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
Colin B (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Well, I for one love to read news about Lisa Marie. Keep it coming !
JessielovesElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
No more Lisa News please! Like someone else said before, does Lisa's site mention Elvis news at all?? NO! So Elvis on this site, and go to Lisa's site for her updates.
Thank You.
Stacey75 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
I agree, let's kep this board ELVIS only news. Lisa has several websites. I couldn't care less if she has a new cd coming out. I'm an Elvis fan, not a Lisa fan.
James69 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Please NO Lisa Marie Presley news here! Keep it all Elvis. Lisa has her own website for goodness sake!
jill20scotland (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Thank you gribz if u dont hav nothing nice to say about her. dont say nothing "Those Who Can .. Do .. Those Who Can't Critcise"
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Hi Jill, while I have you; Most ELvis fans care for and respect Elvis's daughter, but I do understand their concern for this to stay Elvis focused. A comment here and there about Lisa is fine. Considering it's Elvis daughter, comments should be positive only out of respect for ELvis, or not spoken at all. So, I hope that satisfies you..
jill20scotland (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Oh my GOD!! you people call yourself Elvis Fans?
Well let me tell you something right no-ne in this world Elvis loved more than u guys should all be ashamed of yourself! Ok maybe you dont like her music BIG DEAL! I happen to think shes a star in her own right as a matter of fact she has a lovely voice and she's stunning!! and if you guys on here with you silly opinions don't see that she had talent you can go poo!! lol
Neckywoudje (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Ì'm an Elvis fan, certainly not an LMP fan! Please keep her away from here...
Mark (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
I see nothing wrong talking LMP and i hope her next CD does good
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
No disrespect to Lisa but can we please keep this ElvisNews website purely dedicated to Elvis. Lisa has her own website and I don't see any Elvis publicity on there. And as Gribz says, we have a lot of work to do this year to keep Elvis' name in the spotlight. PS - It's the 1st April tomorrow, surely EPE or whoever are going to start their Aloha and 68 Comeback DVD promotion campaign. Before you know it, June and July will be upon us and nobody outside of the Elvis world will know anything about it.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Lisa Marie's Album will do fine. Her fan base is developing. The style is; 'rootsy blues funky rock', with a Kurt Cobain type fan base, so who are we to judge. Her daughter will be successfull, and so will her son, at whatever he decides to do. This we all know. However, this is an Elvis board, and we need to take Elvis to the next level, considering this is the 50thAnniv of R&R. So lets get some ideas out there for BMG, and EPE, with innovative creativity, to help facilitate a media blitz for popular culture, never before experienced in the music world. How about a haunting 'That's alright Mama' projected 3D into the sky on the night of the 50th ANNIV, July 5th 2004, in every big music city around the world, and televised via-satelite. Memphis, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, London, etc. It's not that difficult to do, and it would surely attract the media of the world.
AJ (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
not interested in LMP either. not a good singer and her songs lyrics were not very nice.
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Here we go again :-( Is this article the beginning of a new period of LM news? Let's stick to the father please!
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2004report abuse
Let's hope it's better than the last one! I only listened to it once! Would be nice to see more of her daughter though!!

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