New Lisa Marie Album And Husband

Lisa Marie Presley answered questions from her fans on her website forum. In response to questions on a second album she answered that the album was being mixed this week and should be released in March 2005. The album contains several "agressive" rock tracks, ballads and mid-tempo songs. Lisa Marie recorded three covers for this album. With the release of the album she will do another tour. According to Elvis Unlimited Lisa confirmed today that she will get married to her guitarist and producer Michael Lockwood soon.
Source: Various / Updated: Oct 20, 2004 
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forelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2004report abuse
And another new divorce and other cd that will be a great failure. Here is the new Elizabeth taylor, the new Zsa Zsa Gabor, of course without the smart and glamour of them.
Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2004report abuse
Good news !?! Is she wants to put out a second album, then it`s o.k. It`s clear that there are people who doesn`t like her style of singing. I say: You like it or you don`t like it. It`s simple. Has anybody heard the duet she was singing a few years ago ? ( DON`T CRY DADDY ). Maybe she should do it again, like Natalie Cole with her father , with the song UNFORGETABLE !?! We have to wait for it.
Elvisly yours
myelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 21, 2004report abuse
i can't wait to buy her new cd early next year, i'm sure that it will be a multi-platinum success. as for her marriage to be, congratulations, i met michael lockwood when i saw lisa marie in concert at the Pabst Theater in downtown, milwaukee, WI. last year. he's a very nice man and my very best wishes to the both of them. good luck and god bless.
Tigerman T (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2004report abuse
Im just sad shes not marrying me,lol. Ive been waiting patiently. Hey,im 27 and a talented musician myself and i dont look so bad. I guess it could of happened. BUt i guess ill never know,lol.
Cro@kie (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2004report abuse
This contribution was removed because it takes an IQ above 125 to understand it.

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