New Lilo And Stitch Island Favorites CD, DVD And TV

Released this week in the Far East by Sony Music Asia is a brand new Various Artistes Audio CD featuring 13 songs. The whole CD is based on Elvis Presley's Hawaiian theme. The only song sung by Elvis is "Blue Hawaii", the other Elvis-related numbers are: "Love Me Tender" by Jessica Simpson, "Rock-A-Hula-Baby" by Colin Raye and the Jordanaires. Also released in Asia on DVD & VCD is the 60 minutes TV pilot-episode of STITCH The Movie. The movie begins with Elvis singing "Slicin'Sand". Lilo & Stitch will be shown on television in the US on Saturday, October 4 on the ABC network when the movie makes its US network debut. It will be shown during the Wonderful World of Disney segment.
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Oct 2, 2003 
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