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JAT publishing will release a new book, Elvis : Rock, Sex and Roll focusing on Elvis in 1956 in October. The book will be a 'ground-breaking, history-making' book featuring never before seen photos along with extensive details about Elvis in '56, the year in which Elvis changed the world forever.

Following this is Elvis '69 which will cover the whole of 1969 including the Universal Picture 'Change Of Habit'.

Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Apr 17, 2011 
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Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 20, 2011report abuse
" The greatest book ever.." this seems a desperate measure to get this piece of sh*t sold..
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 19, 2011report abuse
Greatest? Well that is easy as the other ones were very disappointing. Maybe what is meant the greatest disappointment. Beware of statements like greatest.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2011report abuse
Speedway book was for me the LAST purchase from JAT, will we ever learn that they do not have fans interest at heart... only the bank balance with every more please.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2011report abuse
Tunzi should be ashamed the way he is milking it with all these books and in most cases very familiar photographs. I like The Elvis Files series. If I am going to spend on a book, those are the ones I want. The Tunzi product has gotten cheaper in quality but not in price. Oh he does give you a hardcover nowadays! And if he is now a fulltime partner of PL, never again will I entertain a purchase.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2011report abuse
Not only Speedway. Jailhouse Rock, other the cover .was a total rip-off, ditto Viva Las Vegas. All not worth the money. I cant remember the last Tunzi product I was happy with. Look out, he also has a new DVD coming out promising tons of unseen footage. He may be The Colonel reincarnated. As for Lichter, a well known rip-off con man for over 30 years.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2011report abuse
Harvey you said a mouthful. Litchner ripped me off years ago. So if Tunzi is in with this guy I would stay away.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2011report abuse
"The greatest book ever done from JAT Publishing!" Stop blowing smoke, Joe. All of your products are way too expensive and very rarely deliver what they promise. 'Speedway' is a cheap and nasty piece of junk. You and Mr. Lichter must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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