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California Gold is a long-time EPE licensee, which makes Elvis gold/platinum record commemoratives for collectors. Following is an announcement from EPE about two new items: Elvis Presley 25th Anniversary Silverized Record This framed and matted piece features a Platinum Edition silverized LP record and an individually numbered text plate listing some of Elvis Presley's most notable achievements. Three different images of Elvis have been etched onto the record itself along with a replica of Elvis' signature. This is complemented with a metallic-silver frame. Measuring 16" x 20", this piece is limited to an edition of only 2,500. Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender" Framed Gold Record This framed and matted piece, a 24KT gold-plated record is featured along with a commemorative cachet that has been postmarked on the 45th anniversary of the recording of Love Me Tender. Measuring 11" x 18", this piece is limited to an edition of only 1,956.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Apr 24, 2002 
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