New Gladiator DVD Stopped

The rumours went on for a while already, but now it turns out to be more than a rumour. Yesterday a letter from an attorney of Elvis Presley Enterprises showed up on the Internet. The letter was addressed to Joe Tunzi, Wayne Carmen and Andrew Hearn and ordered them to stop processing any form of video regarding the New Gladiator project: "All photography work undertaken in connection with the production was "work for hire" and was specially commissioned by Elvis Presley. All proprietary rights (including the rights of copyrights) were owned by Elvis Presley and are now owned by EPE ... You have no permission to publicly display or reproduce any image or images obtained from the copy of the footage in your possession. Demand is made that you immediately stop all use of the film footage." EPE understandably didn't have further comments for now, besides the fact that they would answer any individual inquiry with that answer, including a copy of their attorney's letter. Andrew Hearn confirmed the cancellation of the event of his Essential Elvis fanclub on April 28. Furthermore is "Essential Elvis unable to comment on the discussions taking place between the Estate, Joe Tunzi and Wayne Carman, we are not even aware that there is any. Also, as a company, we are not involved in any legal dispute ourselves. We have just been asked not to show the footage publicly until several issues have been resolved." JAT Publishing promised to come with a reaction soon.
Updated: Apr 11, 2001 
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