New Ernst Jorgensen Book And New CD

Ernst Jorgensen is working on a new book on Elvis recordingcareer with SUN we read on EP Gold. The book starts on the day when Elvis started as a young man "as a singer-artist" and runs until the day he left the Sun Studio. According to Jorgensen "there are so many story's, anecdotes, local magazines / journal reviews, unknown or rare / unpublished pictures we have rarely or never seen before" that he can fill a new book. The book doesn't have a title yet, only a working title. The release is scheduled for next year, around the same time as the celebration of the 50th Annversary of the start of Elvis' recording career. To celebrate Elvis first recording there will be a CD release on either the BMG Heritage label, or on the FTD label in 2004. More information on that when we have it.
Source: ECG / Updated: Jul 7, 2003 
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