New Elvis Script In The Making

Aaron Webster, author of the book "Elvis - A Radio History" is currently adapting and 3-act script which will be intended for theatrical feature, or made for TV production (as of yet un-optioned) WGA Writer's Guild pending. The story will be a music-filled biopic of the "Young Elvis: Memphis Flash" era; spanning May 1955 - December 1955; when Elvis zipped around in a series of junk, better and nicer Cadillac's, and he infiltrated Country and Western entertainment and upstaged hillbilly acts. The story will also detail his management relationship with country DJ, Bob Neal and how that came to include side deals with a blustering ol' carny Tom Parker, pitchman of a thousand names looking for that one Big Name to give him his one big break. Aaron Webster states; "This script has attitude, youthful, energetic, mobility and is smartly tuned to "The New Rage" positive hope-filled finale as he reaps rewards for a very busy year, and embarks upon a new career with RCA Victor".
Source: The Elvis Express / Updated: Mar 30, 2005 
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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on May 2, 2005report abuse
Lord, Almighty! Not another one. STOP!!

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