New Elvis Mag On The Internet!

This Monday is an important day for all Elvis-fans on the Internet. It is the day that a new site was started, including a newsletter to keep all Elvis-fans informed on anything that is going on in the Elvis-world. The chief editor promises to make this magazine a must for every Elvis-fan. Besides the news there will be regulars like "site of the week", reviews of CDs, movies, concerts and so on. He also stated that any help will be appreciated. Any contributions can be send to us by a special form. It would be nice if this magazine is carried by a lot of fans. Let's hope this zillionth Elvis-website will add something extra and will be a huge success. We'll try to be the main newsletter without pushing others aside. In stead of that, we hope to stimulate other websites, by providing links to whatever source we have.
Updated: Aug 23, 1999 
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