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The book "Sincerely Elvis: An Anthology of Original Poems about Elvis Aaron Presley" (Beecher Smith editor) is being published this month in paperback in the US by Hot Biscuit Productions, Inc. (ISBN: 0967166799 / 96 pages). Also for USA publication this month is "When I Get to Heaven the Only One Shaking Will Be Elvis" (ISBN: 1414104618). Written by Jim C. Jackson, the 72 page paperback book is published by Pleasant Word. "Elvis The King Revealed" audiobook re-issued: Request Audiobooks is reissuing this audiobook in the USA this month (ISBN: 1933299207). Originally released in May 2005. Pamela Clarke-Keogh's popular biography on Elvis has been released by Blackstone Audiobooks in the following formats: Audio (ISBN: 0786135492) / CD (0786177381) / and MP3 (ISBN: 0786180552). On August 23 the Blackstoe will release two Library editions Audio (ISBN: 0786135115) and CD (ISBN: 078617840X). Anna Fields is responsible for the vocal reading.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Aug 16, 2005 
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