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Wiener World in the UK will re-release the documentary "Elvis 56" on DVD on August 16. Here is the press release from Wiener World: While it may be close on 27 years since ‘The King’ left the building there is little evidence that his passing has in any way diminished his commanding position as the greatest rock and roll hero of all time. Only recently, the newly published volume of Guinness World Records British Hits Single and Albums delivered us the incredible statistic that Elvis Presley has appeared in the UK album and singles charts for a staggering total of 47 years and two months – four years and six months longer than he lived. He sits comfortably this week at the No. 3 position in the singles chart with a track that is 50 years old, while at the same time beating off more contemporary rivals such as The Stone Roses and Cher to snatch the top spot on the Top 20 Music DVD chart. But where did it all start, and what fuelled the man’s incredible spiral to international stardom during those early years? Clues to his emerging status both in the USA and around the world are revealed in Wienerworld’s lead August title, Elvis ’56 (WNRD 2257), a compelling and music rich DVD highlighting rock ‘n rolls most electrifying performer Elvis - The King, released to coincide with the anniversary of his death on 16 August 1977. Elvis ’56 finely details Presley’s breakthrough year when, in 1956 he burst onto the Dorsey Brothers Show and the Ed Sullivan Show (where the cameramen were instructed not to shoot the lower half of his body!) and music was never the same again. It was the year of Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Blue Moon,Love Me Tender - some of the greatest rock tracks ever recorded and every one of them to be found on this DVD along with 15 other classic tracks. In addition, the DVD includes an entire hour of rare footage, performances and exclusive still photography (Alfred Wertheimer) captured during the amazing year when Presley not only became a star but the most influential artist of all time, selling over 1 billion records. His career saw him rack up 149 songs on Billboard magazine’s Top 100 Chart, 114 of them achieving Top 10 status and a staggering 18 reaching the coveted #1 position. The definitive Presley DVD release to mark his death and celebrate his life, Elvis ’56 takes you back to the beginnings of the legend and shows him at the point where the burn really began. Presently celebrating the music of Elvis nightly in the West End, Jailhouse Rock – The Musical has teamed up with Wienerworld for an exclusive ticket offer enabling consumers who buy Elvis ’56 to benefit from specially priced tickets for all performances at the West End’s Piccadilly Theatre. Maintaining the man’s own pedigree, Jailhouse Rock – The Musical has become hailed as ‘The King of West End musicals’. Elvis ’56, an essential buy for fans young and old, rock ‘n rolls into a DVD store near you on 16 August 2004. Track Listing My Way Baby What You Want Me TO Do Blue Suede Shoes Good Rockin’ Tonight Heartbreak Hotel Shake Rattle and Roll Baby Let’s Play House Tutti Frutti My Baby Left Me Blue Moon Hound Dog He’s Only A Prayer Away Lawdy Miss Clawdy Don’t Be Cruel Trying To Get To You Anyway You Want Me Ready Teddy Love Me Tender Peace In The Valley Love Me
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Aug 2, 2004 
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MV (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2004report abuse
Will it have the Hy Gardner clip which was cut from previous DVD releases,apparently they couldn't get the rights to it.Even though Elvis in Hollywood had a clip when it came out on DVD in the 2 Set Elvis in the 50's.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2004report abuse
I am glad there releasing Elvis 56 again on dvd because i have not got it. I must have missed it when it came out before. Thanks Elvis news for letting me know
DannyB (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2004report abuse
C'mon man, Elvis56, even though this is a re-release, is one of the most outstanding Elvis-documentaries ever! It might come as a shock to you Sean Ryan and Glyn, but not everybody has this DVD! I have it on DVD, and I've seen it tons of times. It is extremely well made, and when it first came out it contained a lot of rare footage. It really tells the story about Elvis in 56, and we get to see a lot of complete performances from various tv-shows etc. So what if the press-release contains errors, it's still a great DVD. What's the matter with Elvis-fans anyway, do ya have to critizise absolutely everything?
glyn (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2004report abuse
Only a small point, but on the original release the first track was 'American trilogy',NOT 'My Way'. Is this a misprint? OR as usual the people responsable for this release don't know what their talking about!!
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2004report abuse
This is my opinion. This is a very good dvd to buy but I wouldnt call this a 'New' edition. This is just a re-packaged,re-issue of a dvd that'I assume' most fans have already got. Why would anyone want to buy this again? unless it has any 'New' footage on it from the other one.
This is only 'rare' if you havent already got it. Elvis was actually filmed from the waist-up on the 3rd Ed Sullivan show which was filmed in 1957 and not 1956. Looks like this is just another way of trying to cash in on Elvis.. again.

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