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The Czech fan club label Memory Records will release two new live CDs next week. Both CDs are dedicated to Elvis Presley appearances in Las Vegas in 1975. The sound of these recordings CDs was digitally restored The first CD, "Las Vegas Moonlight" (CD MR 2048-2), contains the December 10, 10 P.M. (dinner) show. This show was previously available on an old import CD in very incomplete form and in poor sound. This new release is taken from different original audience recorded mono master tape. Originally, the concert was long about 82 minutes. Producers decided to edit out 2:30 minutes of Elvis’ dialogue to fit the show on to one compact disc. However, no songs or instrumental band solos were edited. Elvis was in a particularly good mood and his high spirits were evident as he sung "Can't Help Falling In Love" as the second song of the show. This version was performed practically acapela and followed immediately by the closing vamp. Elvis acted like he was going to end the show and left the stage. However he came back immediately and continued with a short but complete "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again", a true live rarity. Elvis then showed his full vocal power in "Trying To Get To You", "You Gave Me A Mountain", and "Just Pretend" to name just a few of the highlights. He dedicates "How Great Thou Art" to his friend evangelist Rex Humbard and near the end of the show performs "My Way" by request for the first time since May 1974. He is unsure in the lyrics and he gets some help from his accompanying singer Sherrill Nielsen during the song which makes this particular performance very special too. Tracklist: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (A 2001 Space Odyssey Theme) - 02. See See Rider - 03. Can't Help Falling In Love (No.1) - 04. Closing Vamp (No.1) - 05. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - 06. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 07. Love Me - 08. Fairytale - 09. And I Love You So - 10. Trying To Get To You - 11. All Shook Up - 12. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) - 13. You Gave Me A Mountain - 14. Polk Salad Annie - 15. Band Introductions - 16. Johnny B. Goode - 17. Drums Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) - 18. Bass Solo (Blues by Jerry Scheff) - 19. Piano Solo (by Glen D. Hardin) - 20. School Day (No.1) - 21. School Day (No.2) - 22. Just Pretend (with 2 false starts) - 23. How Great Thou Art (with reprise) - 24. Softly As I Leave You (duet with Sherrill Nielsen) - 25. America (The Beautiful) - 26. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (medley) - 27. My Way (with false start, duet with Sherrill Nielsen) - 28. Blue Christmas - 29. Can't Help Falling In Love (No.2) - 30. Closing Vamp (No.2). Approx. running time: 79:41 Second CD, "Springtime In Nevada" (CD MR 2049-2) represent Elvis Presley Spring 1975 Las Vegas engagement. This mono audience recording is previously unreleased and apparently in very good sound quality. The CD runs for almost 70 minutes. Elvis’ dinner show on March 25 was a very typical concert for this season. Elvis was less chatty and he concentrated more on his singing. His voice was strong again and he gave several solid performances of recent songs, whilst the majority of his old standards were excluded from the set list. Among the best moments of this show are spellbinding performances of his "Stax" numbers "It's Midnight", "Promised Land" and "My Boy". Elvis paid attention to rock and rhythm and blues numbers again and he treated songs like "Big Boss Man", "Burning Love" and "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" with gusto and respect. The latter two tracks are included as special bonuses and were taken from another tape, recorded live during the following spring tour in Tampa, Florida on April 26 at the 8:30 P.M. show. Tracklist: 01. Opening Vamp / See See Rider - 02. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 03. I Can Help (excerpt) / Love Me - 04. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 05. And I Love You So - 06. Big Boss Man - 07. It's Midnight - 08. Dialogues, jokes - 09. Promised Land - 10. Fairytale - 11. Band Introductions - 12. What'd I Say (instrumental, by James Burton) - 13. Drums Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) - 14. Bass Solo (by Duke Bardwell) - 15. Piano Solo (by Glen D. Hardin) - 16. Electric Piano Solo (by David Briggs) - 17. School Day (Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll) - 18. My Boy - 19. I'll Remember You - 20. Let Me Be There - 21. Heartbreak Hotel - 22. Hound Dog - 23. Can't Help Falling In Love - 24. Closing Vamp / Announcements. Bonus (Tampa, Florida, 26.04.1975, 8:30 P.M. evening show): 25. Help Me - 26. Burning Love - 27. My Boy - 28. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - 29. Hawaiian Wedding Song
Source: Czech Elvis Presley Fanclub / Updated: Sep 28, 2005 
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shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 29, 2005report abuse
Surely it's more important to finish the show/CD properly than listen to some of Mr P's waffle - and by this stage it was mostly waffle rather than the witticisms of years before.
luizhenrique (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 29, 2005report abuse
Must be few seconds the closing vamp...
Santa Claus (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 28, 2005report abuse
They edited Elvis' monologue and therefore they left the Closing vamp on the CD? I wonder if this was a good decision.

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