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EPE informed us that their special new '68/Aloha DVD site is now up and running. The address is You can find a lot of details there, pictures and video's (for those of you who haven't got the new DVDs yet). There is also information on two footage errors, one using material from the wrong date in the Aloha Special, and one on the omission of "It Hurts Me" in the bordello scene in the Comeback Special. Quote: In the orginal December 1968 broadcast version of the the ’68 Special as seen on the DVD set, the song It Hurts Me is missing from the Guitar Man production number. Why? The bordello scene in the Guitar Man production number was cut from the original 1968 broadcast due to sponsor objections and It Hurts Me appears to have been cut for time. A little-known fact. Video and DVD releases up to now have included the restoration of both these segments to the production number. For this edition, only the bordello scene was restored. Not restoring It Hurts Me was a freak accidental oversight in going through mutliple original tape sources early on in the project and was not caught – as evidenced by the fact that the song is included in the track listing for the Guitar Man production number medley in the liner notes. We’re sorry. But, as promised, you DO get the original broadcast version with the bordello scene restored. As for It Hurts Me, you get all takes of it as well as all takes of all components of the Guitar Man production number elsewhere in the DVD set. Quote: In the January 14th Aloha concert as seen on the DVD set, during band introductions, as Elvis introduces the vocal groups, the footage switches to his January 12th rehearsal concert version of the intro, then back to January 14th. Why? For the band intros section of our new edit of the January 14th concert, we worked from the original edit done for the initial April 4th American broadcast and the tapes from the two tape machines that received feeds from the various cameras at the show. We picked the best-looking shot of the vocal groups, which was the one you all know from the American broadcast version you’ve long had on video and DVD. In all the years that the American broadcast version and the rehearsal concert have been available on video and DVD from Lightyear Entertainment, and even in the special sneak preview screenings we did at Graceland of the new edit of January 14th concert for the fans, neither our team nor any fan we know ever noticed that the original 1973 production team had subsituted the close-up rehearsal concert shot of the vocal groups for the farther-away shots that were available from the January 14th concert shoot. Bizarre. It’s quite obvious when one points it out (Elvis’s leis disappear then reappear, for instance), but we didn’t notice during the 2004 edit By the time we realized this, the DVDs had been manufactured. Our best defense is that all you Elvis fans like us who watched the sneak preview at Graceland months ahead of the release and have watched the original broadcast version a million times could have caught it and told us! Among all of us, someone should have caught it in all these years. This almost ranks up there with the blooper in Jailhouse Rock when Scotty Moore’s sunglasses appear in long shots of (You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care and then disappear in the close-up shots. Sometimes, you just don’t notice the obvious. We’ll put together footage of the January 14th concert intros of the singers and add it to the streaming video gallery hear on the site soon.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jun 19, 2004 

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macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 22, 2004report abuse
Ok... now that there seems to be some minor troubles with the DVD I haven't experienced it yet and to be truthfull: I think it is also some pickering for nothing of whining fans who are always looking for something. One can also say that If one has that trouble. Be glad... cause after this 'error' is taken care off. Those having the 'error' DVd will have a collector's-item in their hands cause everybody will want to have a clean-crisp DVD. Hey... how's that looking from the other side.
MV (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 22, 2004report abuse
Something must be done about the missing It Hurts Me. EPE screwed up real bad.As its the true fan who will notice this omission and be the most dissapointed why not repress disc 1 with It Hurts Me and send to fan clubs/dealers etc, give it out with the next FTD release we order, like the So High cd. I'd grit my teeth and even pay the cost price for it. Please Todd, or Ernst if you are reading this give my idea consideration.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2004report abuse
I'm an older fan also. I'm getting this 68 set mostly because of the 4 complete concerts. But the outtakes on disc 3 will be pretty fantastic. All in all I think I will be pretty impressed with the whole thing. But I am surprised that they would plan to include It Hurts Me (not part of the original broadcast in 68) and then forget to get it on there. Really they should fix the error. A couple of years ago Universal made a mistake on one of the discs of the Back to the Future box set. They had already shipped out the first edition but they still fixed the problem. They remastered the problem disc and the second issue of the collection was issued with the repair. The people that bought the first edition (like me) could send in just the problem disc, not any of the packaging or other discs, and they would send out the new disc with the problem solved. BMG could do the same thing, but it looks like they do not want to. I am going to the special screening tonight (Emeryville, CA) to see the the long version of the special. I am curious to see if they have It Hurts Me, in that presentation.
ijustcanhelpbelievin (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2004report abuse
with the mistakes they made on these discs,they should be offering a cheaper price...after all,not having it hurts me on the original,hurts me too...perhaps if enough people complain,they will listen...
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2004report abuse
I'm an older fan(54). I knew about these DVDs. But when I found out EPE screwed up with It Hurts Me on the Guitar Man production number I canceled my order for the '68 Comeback
DVD. May seem like a small thing to most of you, but disc one is THE reason I ordered this set. I wanted to have the '68 special in better quality than my grainy VHS tape. Oh well. Elvis is EPE's only artist. They had years to get it right and they still screwed it up. "We're sorry" doesn't cut it for me.
corey3rd (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2004report abuse
Seems that BMG isn't really supporting these releases. Neither set was in the major ads for Best Buy, Circuit City or Target. You'd think they'd try to juice the numbers by offering a buy them both special. How will the average and older fan know that these sets are coming out? Or incentive to buy them on Tuesday?

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