New Brazillian Book

In Brazil a new book has been released. The author is journalist and Elvis fan Odair Braz Junior. The book is released for the 50th anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll. This book of almost 100 pages tells the basic biography of Elvis including commentaries for more than 60 albums. In the last pages of the booklet there's a list of Elvis best web sites in the net. According to the author it is "just about his music: when he recorded his songs, the way he used to work at the studio, the musicians who played with him, his shows etc. It is a musical biography about Elvis and when I write about his life is through a musical point of view. Of course this kind of history is in another books but my book is aimed for young readers who never read anything about Elvis. Here in Brazil there aren't a lot of books about him and I believe that I tell a lot of things that young readers don't know about him."
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Aug 19, 2004 
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