NBC-TV Special / Aloha From Hawaii Re-issue

The classic soundtracks for Elvis' "'68 Comeback" and "Aloha" specials have been re-issued on CD in the "X2" series from BMG on September 24, 2007. This package was originally released September 4, 2006. Album Description: Two individual hit albums packaged together and housed in a slipcase sleeve. This handy-dandy two-fer features the timeless soundtracks to Elvis' first two TV specials featuring performances that revitalized his career on two separate occasions. The NBC-TV Special (now known as the Comeback Special) was shown in 1968 and features Elvis at his best, vocally. The performances remain stunning four decades after the were recorded.. Aloha From Hawaii was broadcast worldwide live via satellite in January 1973 at the height of his 'jumpsuit' era and contains yet another solid set of performances. Both soundtracks have been the most consistent sellers in his enormous back catalog.
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Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 30, 2007report abuse
These TV shows have both been given the treatment they deserve on DVD and CD packages. To do this now cheapens the whole historic importance of them.
Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2007report abuse
I got them already, thanks anyway.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2007report abuse
I've got them already so I'll buy some jam instead. Raspberry, I think. Yummy.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2007report abuse
I'll wait for the release of these two historic albums on FTD in their deluxe packaging editions.
Myluv4Elvis (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2007report abuse
This is a total waste for these history making albums to be crammed in a two-fer format. If Sony had any marketing sense at all they would release the NBC-TV original soundtrack with the outtakes on a double CD and release the Aloha Rehearsal & Satellite Show on a double CD including the two Aloha interviews from Honolulu 1972 & Las Vegas 1972. These recordings deserve better than to be made into a two-fer and I think the fans deserve better as well. Two-fer formats should be reserved for shoddy soundtracks and budget series albums, not historical soundtracks. Someone should be embarrassed.

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