Movie Files 1

The CD 'Elvis Movie Files Volume 1' was released as the first CD in a four CD serie containing the very best of all Elvis' 1960s movie soundtrack outtakes. Each CD is limited to 500 copies.

From the press-release:

30 rare and hard to find alternates takes on each volume. Collect all 4 of them (other volumes will be releases within' this year) and you'll have 120 of the very best 1960's movie outtakes. No endless search anymore in your cd collection for your favorite outtake, it's all here, in stunning audio quality. All tracks are presented here without endless studio chatter or false starts (so every song is unreleased in this form), this is the ultimate Elvis Movie cd collection for hours of listening pleasure!

Each volume comes in a stunning 6 panel digipack, filled with pics of publicity photos, sheet music, rare movie posters etc. When you have collected all 4 volumes the back of each digipack shows a great publicity shot of G.I. BLUES (see promo picture) Elvis Movie Files (The Sixties) brings together the very best of outtakes from many of his classic movie tunes recorded in the 60's.

King of the Whole Wide World (Take 13) / What a Wonderful Life (Take 1) / Roustabout (Take 6) / Easy Come, Easy Go (Take 10) / Spinout (Take 2 with take 1 intro) / Tonight is So Right for Love (Take 9) / I’m falling in Love Tonight (Take 1) / You Don’t Know Me (movie version Take 18) / I’ll Take Love (Take 2A) / It Won’t Be Long / (Take 5) / The Meanest Girl in Town (Take 6) / I Got Lucky (Take 1) / If You Think I Don’t Need You (Take 7) / Follow That Dream (Take 3) / Beyond the Bend (Take 1) / Never Say Yes (Take 6) / C’mon Everybody (Take 7) / Stepping Out of Line (Take 7) / I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Take 9) / Mexico (Take 6) / This is Living (Take 2) / Slicin’ Sand (Take 4) / Angel (Take 5) / Could I Fall in Love (Undubbed Master) / Can’t Help Falling in Love (Take 13) / Today, Tomorrow and Forever (Take 4) / I Need Somebody to Lean On (Take 8 ) / A House Of Sand (Spliced Take – unreleased) / I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here (Take 13) / Happy Ending (Take 6 (alt. mix).

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Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 18, 2012report abuse
Rob, nope, don't like him at all.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 18, 2012report abuse
will they be able to sell 500 copies?..
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2012report abuse
500 copies each cd ??? Umm I dont think many of us will have to worry about owning it ! Since when was "It wont be long " and " Stepping out of Line" movie songs ?? Maybe recorded for them but never used in them so not really movie songs.

Lex the tracks included here are actually pretty good Elvis sixties tracks and some nice alternates too. I think its some what dismissive of you to ho hum the actual content. Are you sure you like Elvis at all ?
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2012report abuse
Only for those who have listed "Who Needs Money" as favorite song.
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2012report abuse
Steve, it's only a compilation of still released outtakes so for an Elvis' collector, it's a CD to skip. Only for die hard collectors... And for new collectors...
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2012report abuse
Marco - you may be right but at least they give you more here than the FTDs that came out years ago (remember Out In Hollywood?) And by more I mean decent packaging and way more tracks, both lacking on the overly priced FTD releases!
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2012report abuse
Another crappy cd...

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