More Import Remix Singles

Here are four more remixes of Elvis tracks which are being released in a series of ten import remix CD-singles. The titles are: "Rubberneckin'", "Burning Love", "Night Life" and "A Little Less Conversation". A copy of the remix version of "It's Only Love" sold yesterday on eBay for more than US$ 60.00. Track listing singles: CD #4 Rubberneckin' The 2002 Remix / The 2003 Groove Remix / The Jason Nevins Remix / The Elvis vs Pink Remix CD #5 Burning Love Remix Version / Extended Remix Version / Original Version / Alternate Take CD #7 Night Life Remix Version / Original Version / Alternate Take CD #9 A Little Less Conversation Elvis vs Eminem / Elvis vs M/A/R/S/S / Original Version / Alternate Take
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Nov 25, 2005 
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