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With Ireland's Irish Times newspaper you get another free "Elvis And Friends" CD. This CD contains two tracks by Elvis, "That's All Right" and "Good Rockin' Tonight", and other tracks by Carl Perkins, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and Chuck Berry.
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Eduardo (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
To Hubert V, Henrik, Ed, Jan, Ernst, Peter, lindes a.o. You are all doing a great job but. CKXE can do better. it is right now slipping on the stock market. Please note that Bob Sillerman of CKXE has paid 53 million dollars to Lisa in cash and he invites all elvis fans in the world to invest in the elvisstock. We should do at US$26 a-share BUT we should then demand also from Bob what we want:
1. Six or 12 volumes of Elvis on Tour DVD Concerts filmed by MGM (200 hrs on video tape) in 1972: It needs to be put into shape and edited so that we can see the King in action in 12 concerts (no matter if it is from one or 5 cameras, but we need to see all from Buffalo, Albuquerque, Virginia, Greensboro etc etc.
2. We need from BMG a 4 CD FTD box with the highlights of Elvis on Tour (not only 1972, but also 71&73...we already have quite a number of released full shows from 74) plus booklet...and at a special budget price for fans only...Afterwards, BMG can do a box for general public
3. Sillerman, EPE and BMG should now really start a massive media campaign (full page ads in leading magazines in the world) to promote all the gold&plat record achievements that our King has done - un-equalled by any of those biggies...sorry Tom, Julio, Frank, Humpy, Robbie, Ricky etc etc) Billboards and posters need to go up in every music shop in the world with the impressive list of hits !
4. Can we get more Movie outtakes that are worthwhile listening to and unreleased (unless BMG wants us to keep buying bootlegs...) like GGGirls, KCousins, Ch of Habit, Roust, KCreole, and yes, complete sessions of GIBlues and BlueHaw why not....we can wait for Tickle Me until 2007
5. EPE and BMG should bring out the Outtakes and full studio session of Guitar Man, Elvis Country and LLetters+Now, GTimes+Fool still in 2005; we will wait for RonRocks until hurry...please
6. When can we have a 4 CD box FTD with shows from the Sahara Lake Tahoe concerts (great unreleased songs in those shows. like I'm leavin' it all up to you, I need yr love everyday, Walk that lonsome road, new medleys, etc) Not necessarily full concerts, but highlights like Live in Vegas Box OK
7. If elvis fans want to buy elvis stocks/shares, you can write to me and obtain the address, stock info. OK Remember: elvisNEVERleftthebuilding
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on May 29, 2005report abuse
Nice to see my post on, For Elvis CD Collectors Forum, was appreciated although inaccurately:-) The Free CD was actually in, the "Ireland On Sunday", newspaper today! Here in irelandtoo we get the goodies:-)

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