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Fox News in the U.S. had an item on Lisa's debut album, it gives more details on the tracks and production. Lisa Marie Presley's long-awaited debut album is coming to us on April 8. That's the word yesterday from sources at Capitol Records, where Presley evidently has a contract. So what would a Lisa Marie album be like? For one thing, Presley has written all the lyrics on the album for songs titled: "The Road Between," "Gone," "Indifferent," "Excuse Me," "To Whom It May Concern" (which I guess she could perform as a medley with "Return to Sender"), "So Lovely," "SOB" and a few others. One song, called "Savior," Presley co-wrote with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Another, the closer, called, "Better Beware," she co-wrote with her first husband, Danny Keogh. There's no indication from the liner notes if Lisa Marie's songs address issues such as her late father, Scientology, her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, or Graceland. But one song, "The Road Between," is supposedly about her hometown of Memphis, Tenn. Nearly all of the self-titled album was produced by Eric Rosse, an up-and-coming European producer. One track was worked on personally by Capitol Records boss Andy Slater. None of them were produced by Glen Ballard, Alanis Morissette's producer, who had worked on and off with Presley for years on the project. Nevertheless, a couple of the songs Ballard co-wrote with Cliff Magnes are included, and one the pair wrote with Keogh. Also missing from the album is the one song credited to Presley in the BMI music database, "You Made Me Love You." The long-aborning project has been the subject of much discussion, particularly since it was once rumored that Presley had a deal with Michael Jackson to record an album in exchange for marrying him. That project, produced by David Foster, never came to fruition, although miracle-worker Foster did record tracks with her.
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: Jan 8, 2003 
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