More BMG 2003 Updates

On Worldwide Elvis there was more info on the planned releases for this year. Elvis Christmas Peace (2 CD-set) Release date: late September As you can tell from the title, this will be a 2 CD set with Xmas and gospel songs. There will probably be nothing unreleased on this. Elvis: 2nd to None Release date: late September / early October BMG will follow up the 30 # 1 HITS CD with another compilation of songs featuring the newly remastered "new sound". No track listing is available right now but it's assumed that this will have songs that were in the Top 10 worldwide! The '68 Comeback - 35th Anniversary Issue Release date: ?? Because there will be a new 68 TV SPECIAL DVD out this year, BMG may market this audio CD along with the DVD but it's too early to tell right now. Aloha From Elvis - 30 Years Later! Release date: ???? As with the 68 DVD reissue due this year, BMG might release a remastered ALOHA CD to go along with it but plans are still up in the air for this.
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: Apr 9, 2003 
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