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This is a press-release we received from Backdraft:

Due to the enormous success of Backdraft’s Box set ‘Final Count to Midnight’ it appears that not enough copies were pressed which have left Elvis fans having to go without.

Since we are unable to process more copies of the box set due to logistical reasons, Backdraft will now release 2 separate products housed in a deluxe super jewel case.

A 2CD version and a separate DVD only release, both with different front covers, contain a deluxe 24 page booklet inside of each. We would like to point out that the content of the booklet in both of the releases are entirely different and that, the photographs and text information are not repeated to each of the releases.

These are again in very limited supplies and dealers will be restricted on quantities.

In the meantime, the production team at Backdraft would like to thank Elvis fans from around the world for their enormous support on this and our past releases.

 We will look forward to the near future when we will release a brand new unreleased soundboard (never before heard, not even as an audience recording) from the Las Vegas engagement from the Summer of 1970.

Source: Email / Updated: Aug 1, 2014 
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EJF (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2014report abuse
You Don't Know Me, that's exactly what I did. I have the DVD on order but I didn't bother about the CDs, saving a few quid in the process for stuff I already have.
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2014report abuse
Worthwhile buying the DVD.....otherwise audio only contains 5% improvement from the original release decades ago!~
Pieter (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2014report abuse
This one looks great but I actually prefer the FTD sound!
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2014report abuse
I don't think Sony has the soundboard of this show. Otherwise, they would not have released the audience recording. Hopefully, someone out there has the soundboard, but as time ticks by, the chances of it seeing the light of day for the fans grows less and less.
Dazman (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 3, 2014report abuse
It looks like its the actual soundboard of the show or it's nothing from a Sony BMG/FTD standpoint if they're to outdo Backdraft on this one. Wouldn't begrudge Sony if they used the DVD material too. I reckon it's better quality than the MSG show. I don't buy bootlegs as a rule but it's good that import labels are actually keeping Sony honest to lift their game that little bit more. I just hope that bootleggers don't take the cream of the crop.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2014report abuse
Hi Roy, thanks for answering ! Ordered the box too and glad it's on its way. My asking about the price of the individual sets was out of intrest because I'd like to know the difference. I paid approx. £70 for the box, so you could be right about the £20-difference, that's how much the hardcover book could be worth. Always El.
roytcbintheuk (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2014report abuse
Benny I am not sure of the cost but i would expect that both sets will be no more than £50 combined, I am happy that i was one of the ones that got the box as its all in one package.
Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
I've got the original set swimming across the pond right now, I'll post my thoughts once it reaches the shore of the good ol' U S of A. As far as selling the components of the set separately, I can see how some feel cheated, but to me the sum of the release is greater than its parts. Therefore, I'm happy to have snagged the set in its entirety. I'm sure Backdraft will sell a few of these, but I doubt they will 'sell out' or be a highly prized as the whole set.
I'm with you Cisco - bring on the Sept. 1970 soundboard. Makes me wonder - has Backdraft ever just released a single CD package (other than the 'best of' On Stage material) ?
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
Lefty and Dark Knight : you could be right ! Roytcb, any idea of the price for the individual sets ? Always El.
The Dark Knight (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
Wasn't this the same scenario with the first Backdraft release ? Apologies for lack of copies and then an ultimate one disc CD issue ? Sounds like this was their intention all along.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
I am more interested in the soundboards from Sept 1970...:-)
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
Nice for the fans that missed out on the initial release, but I can't help but think this alternate package was intended from the beginning.
roytcbintheuk (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
The box was a limited expensive release and fans have mainly purchased it for the DVD, to now find out that you can buy the CD and DVD at a fraction of the cost is annoying and will probably devalue the box and to say that the text and photographs are different to the original release is again a ploy for fans to buy the individual sets again for the extra photographs, why did Backdraft not give the fans the option of the box or individual sets in the first place.
Pieter (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 1, 2014report abuse
I liked the DVD. I'm not sure about the 'restored audio in optimal sonic quality' of the cd's, it's not way better than the ones I heard before.

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