Moody Blue #39

CMT presented the Top 40 Country Albums Of All Time. Elvis' last album "Moody Blue" was listed at #39. CMT 40 Greatest Albums celebrates country music's most important albums. Spanning five decades, from traditional to contemporary, from hardcore honky-tonk to the Nashville Sound, from outlaw country to country rock, these are country music's classic albums -- groundbreaking, influential and enduring.
Source: CMT / Updated: Sep 24, 2006 

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elvis-aotc (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2006report abuse
BMG/ Sony (Ernst), adding the BLVD album to the Moody Blue album wasn't such a bad idea. The song "Let me be there" however should as album whole not be left out. I agree with Jesper, that the artwork should have been from the original albums. Front inlay (front) the original "Moody Blue" album from 1977. Front inlay (back) the original back of the '77 "Moody Blue" album. With a transparant yewel case the picture of the album cover of "From Elvis Presley BLVD" behind the disc. On the back of the yewel case again the original back of the '77 "Moody Blue" album with the songs besides the photo. Not to mention the BLVD tracks as bonus tracks, that looks a little bit silly.The booklet could and should explane the why and the facts. The sound is really outdated and must be updated like the FTD release. That will do the album really good. I hope Ernst reading this to....
John R (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2006report abuse
"Elvis Country" should have been at the upper levels of this list. FTD should release a 'banded' version of this album (ie without the 'I was Born.... ' song in between each track) plus outtakes. These 'lists' never cease to amaze.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2006report abuse
I think even Elvis didn´t want his "country" songs sounding like the kliché it´s often linked with. Excluding the much more country sounding alternate takes of "Your cheating heart", "There goes my everything" and "Green green grass" for example.. His voice upon those compositions and lyrics was enough to stand out from the others I think. Was CMT´s choice wise?? I dont know, I just know I listen far more to Moody Blue than his country album that has that anoying "I was born 10000 years ago" heard at the conclusion of each song.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2006report abuse
And yes elvis country is a masterpiece,only wish ftd would do a outtake cd from those great sessions!
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2006report abuse
Folks they play kenny chesney,trace adkins & toby keith 24-7 so what do you expect from them? lol the only country outsdie of elvis that i can stand for very long is dwight yoakam,who they also overlook, im sure he also had a album on the countdown,but play him? nah they never do as with elvis they dont know much about him,and im from the usa so i should know lol
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2006report abuse
Elvis Country has to be Elvis' greatest country album and one of his greatest albums ever. To have Moody Blue on the list instead of EC shows how bogus most of these lists are. Moody Blue was just a hodge podge album thrown together to get an LP release out the door. Some nice songs, but great country album?
PTCJones (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2006report abuse
I guess Lefty "One Mans Meat Is Another Mans Poison", so I respectfully disagree about the cover design.
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2006report abuse
What a pleasant surprise! This one kind of chimes with the praise Rolling Stone Magazine gave to Elvis' version of Unchained Melody. The Moody Blue album is a country album, and its a pop album. As with everything Elvis, it is a multi-category piece of art. That being said, country music in the U.S. has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Just look at the Dixie Chicks. If it weren't for the violin and steel guitar, you'd think they were a pop band. The days of Hank Snow and that old sorrowful twang have been tossed into the Down Homey likes of "O Brother Where Art Thou." As for the cover redesign, etc., I love it! The remastered version of It's Easy For You is awesome, and the photo of Elvis on the inside cover in the Blue Phoenix Jumpsuit is killer!
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2006report abuse
Whereas i like Moody Blue, for me Elvis Country hands heads and shoulders above it. Arguably Elvis at his vocal peak, he effortlessly tackles such styles as Countrypolitan, Western Swing,Country Rock, Blues, Gospel, Bluegrass and Traditional Country. I don't believe there are many artists who can adapt so easily to so many different styles within the genre, yet are still able to give it their own unmistakeable touch. I think the 'covers' issue is a red herring. Elvis completely transforms the originals. The majority of tracks on Moody Blue were covers and in some cases were originally 'pop' songs. Despite enjoying the album, i always thought Moody Blue had a feel of being 'cobbled' together.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2006report abuse
They know Pedro.. But country in the USA doesn´t have to be the stereotype we´re used to here in Europe.(and the rest of the world). And since Elvis country album in a lot of ways contains material of other great country icons, Moody Blue was indeed a step forward containing new material and sound from Elvis. I also dont regard Elvis´s two last albums as country, but then again...I come from Sweden:)
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2006report abuse
Do they (CMT) really know Elvis work? Did they ever heard about a Elvis Album named "Elvis Country", that is said to be Elvis finest job os the 70's and one of his Best Albuns Ever? Moody Blue??
Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 24, 2006report abuse
I wish they would just leave the cover alone, keep it like it was when it came out!!!
PTCJones (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 24, 2006report abuse
I have to agree. It's a shame this release was redesigned and the tracks altered. I know "Let Me Be There" perhaps was not chronologically exact and maybe that's why it was omitted, but for my part I like the thought of buying the original compilation being the completest I am. I am also aware that I can turn the cover round, but be that as it may, it's still missing that excellent original photo on the back of Elvis wearing his gold Las Vegas belt. I also liked the Elvis Presley Blvd before and kind of hope that it is rereleased in it's proper order along with Good Times and Promised Land.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 24, 2006report abuse
Every original album such as Moody Blue should obviously have its original cover! Right Ernsst?! (Sorry!), Errnst, Ernnst, Ernsttt, Eurnst, Eaueernstt. Hmm, I think I got a better spelling for you now anyway. Not the original, but I dont think you mind....

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