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On the Australian ARIA Music DVD Chart the "'68 Comeback Special" DVD has debuted at #5 and the "Aloha" DVD at #6. On the UK chain store Woolworth the "Comeback" and "Aloha" are at #4 and #5 respectively on the Music DVD Chart.
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 21, 2006 

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Steve1971 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 21, 2006report abuse
I know alot of Elvis fans were not to happy with this release but me? I was happy. I have the 2 disc set of Aloha and enjoy it very much but now I have the "main event" on one disc plus parts of the Press Conferences, after show songs and a different veiw of when the King arrived in Hawaii, which I thought they could have done away with. I know its missing the first part of the opening theme but for me its no big deal because I didnt see Elvis anyway! This time though the show is COMPLETE! With the correct band intros the show is now complete and done. I always wondered why they didnt fix that problem in the boxset edition right off that bat but oh well. I'm a HUGE Aloha fan and this dvd completes it for me no matter how many times they re-release it. I can now say I have had enough! I just wonder if EPE/SONY plans on releasing the Aloha Rehersal show as a single disc edition as well? Personally I hope not but if they do I will buy it. Now I just have to pick up the 68 Special and that will be done soon.

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