Memphis Recording Service Re-release

Just released is a 2006 version of the Memphis Recording Service package, including a book, dvd and vinyl single. The package is the same. Only some minor things are changed, including some spelling errors in the book and the vinyl single is also a little bit different than the original 1st pressing.
Source: Elvis For Everyone Fan Club / Updated: May 21, 2006 
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Jim Berkeley (profilecontact) wrote on May 24, 2006report abuse
Thank you,benny,for being interested in my opinion.On 1st pressing of "Memphis Recording Service",there is the first original release with a guitar intro (very short cord:about 2sec.).
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on May 23, 2006report abuse
Hi Jim Berkeley, You're saying " That's when your heartaches..." WAS issued with guitar intro. Do you mean the guitar intro was on the first original release or now on the second ? Any idea what the little differences of the vinyl single are,compared with the first pressing? Always El
Jim Berkeley (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2006report abuse
Simple information:”That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” was issued with a guitar intro.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on May 22, 2006report abuse
I would encourage any fans who did not buy this package last year to do so now. It is a great item and a real labour of love. I look forward to the second volume.

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