Memphis Bound 2004

An import compilation album titled 'Memphis Bound 2004" has been released by the ST-3 label. The 24 tracks CD cover Elvis entire catalogue, starting with "That's All Right", with "This Is Our Dance" to "I'll Never Fall In Love Again". A bonus is the track "Strung Out" the producer created a remix of Elvis' September 1974 monologue. You can listen to "Strung Out" on-line, us the link below (MP3 and Real Media format), for those who don't like hearing Elvis using strong and explicit language, don't use this link.
Source: Email / Updated: Sep 10, 2004 

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Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 12, 2004report abuse
i dunno about this cd. i thinks its very bad for fans and people who just wanna listen to elvis music. whoever descided to put the strung out thing in it should get there keisters fired cuz that is damaging to elvis's reputation. its a side of elvis i dont think anyone should witness. he was very ticked off and its almost scarey it brings back flashbacks of my dad. the music selection is ok but that strung out track has got to go

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