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Sean O' Neal's new book "Memorabilia Collecting" is almost set for release (July). It will feature highly collectible items, and you can pre-order this book through Sean's website Elvis Presley Blv. Elvis Presley wears another crown in addition to the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll - he also is the King of Collectibility. Nearly a quarter of a century after his death, items bearing Elvis’ name and likeness are in hot demand. In this comprehensive book, Sean O’Neal chronicles the Elvis phenomenon in more than 600 color photographs.Commercially produced memorabilia, novelties, magazines, promotional pieces, and movie paraphernalia recount Elvis’ life and career. Items range from concert posters, to paint by number sets, to the Presley family bible. Every item is presented with its current market price. A special section provides tips on avoiding counterfeit memorabilia. Also included is a history of Elvis Presley Enterprises, the original driving force behind Elvis memorabilia.
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