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This interview video was recorded live at Mablethorne, England 3rd November 1999 as part of the Elvis Week by the UK fan club. It was hosted by Todd Slaughter the president of the UK fan club. Red West remembers the early years and some fun times in Vegas, there is also a question and answer section from the audience, where he stands his ground very well, after some barraging about the "book" he Sonny and Mr. Hebler wrote. Not a lot new here revelation wise if you've seen the "Kings Men" videos, interesting all the same. This video was recorded on amateur video, but the quality is very good and it runs for 1 hour 15 minutes approx. We had a transcription of this interview on-line a couple of month's ago, as did Jordan, but by request of the author we removed it for later publication. This transcript will also be available in the next edition of Elvis World.
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