Me And A Guy Named Elvis, My Lifelong Friendship With Elvis

On August 17, 2006, Penguin Books will publish "Me And A Guy Named Elvis, My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley", by Jerry Schilling. In the months ahead EPE will be working with Jerry Schilling and Penguin in other ways to promote this book.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Feb 17, 2006 
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epfanforlife (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 15, 2006report abuse
i was not there, as some has written. i was very young when elvis died. but being a die hard fan my whole life. and doing research often and trying to read everything i can on my favorite subject which is elvis. i have come to this conclusion all the guys in the group should of took better care of him, stood up to him and got him help, instead of only thinking of themselves. and if it had not been for priscilla graceland would belong to the state. and god forbid elvis would not be as big as he is today. some may say she done it for the money .and they have that right for it's there opinion. as is this mine i feel she done it for lisa ,love and respect. jerry may be close to her but what i have heard out of him is all be good things about elvis and is that not what all us elvis fans want is for him not to be bashed. tcb
chrisc (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2006report abuse
I think that Jerry is going to support Priscilla in his book, as he has been her friend for so many years, and as he appeared in that extra DVD that was issued with "Elvis by the Presleys", where he and Priscilla were driving and discussing Elvis. There is also the story that Jerry sometimes tells about being shouted at by Elvis when Jerry had asked Priscilla how she was when she looked bad after apparently arguing with Elvis. Priscilla is quoted as saying to Elvis "Well, at least Jerry cares how I feel." Did anyone else spot Jerry in the recent photos from Lisa's Japan wedding?? - see last week's Hello magazine. It occurred to me that Jerry might now be in Scientology as Finstad's book "Child Bride" quoted Jerry as saying he no longer worked at the time for EPE as he had been told he had to be in Scientology to continue to be involved with EPE. Yet we can see he is still there working with Priscilla. I get the impression he has always had a soft spot for her.
Elvis Rocks (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 22, 2006report abuse
LMP, I meant that I wouldn't post on here anymore, but something or post changed my mind. Cathy, you are welcome. Following the tours, Meeting Elvis in 73, and being a die hard Elvis fan, was fun. I miss it, miss the people that worked for Elvis, some of them, that is, and of course Elvis himself. Jesper, I am not nor was I ever in Kindergarden. What I said about JS is true, JMO. Guess you had to be there.
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 21, 2006report abuse
hi again , Elvis rocks, I was reading over my post from the 20th and I must of come across a bit sarcastic which wasn't my intention so please accept my apologies,your posts would and have made very interesting reading and seeing has you were fortunate enough to be part of history your insight would be appreciated.. I would love to go into a deep discussion with you but I have terrible trouble with the net T C B everyone
LMP (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 21, 2006report abuse
Elvis Rocks are you sayin that you personally will not write any more books about Elvis or that you will not be posting here on Elvis News? Not clear on why the need to know if this is a European Elvis site? With regards to other books I've read the one thing that stands out most is the tale teller at the time. I've lost count how many times I've read the exact same story over an over only to find it differs from whom ever is telling the tale at that time. They always seem to replace each other in the stories they tell, so who ever the author is at that time appears to be the more important one. Any one know if this is an informative book on Elvis or more story telling?
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2006report abuse
"Kindergarden comments" wont change the fact that anyone with self respect, and integrity walks away from their employer if their services are no longer requierd. Jerry was along with Pricilla a person who choosed to do so without having to write a badmouthing book about it. I´m sure THEY also had stories to tell, but obviously they were a bit more mature, and closer to love rather than hate. Thats why I regard them much more for not being clows, throwing cakes. It´s not about who was there.. it´s about who choosed with diginy not to be...
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2006report abuse
Elvis Rocks, i totally agree with you, my friend.I better warn you that there is this person called slava who will disagree with everything you have said.
Elvis Rocks (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2006report abuse
I was there and I saw. Did you ever meet or know Jerry? The Stanley's were old enough to know what in the hello they were doing. My God, they were so high they couldn't walk, let alone work. the others had to do their work for them. When was Jerry there and not there? Wonder if he had to sign anything with Prissy stating what he would and would not write? I did the tours for 7 years. Traveling from here, there and everywhere. Just another fan that got lucky and did what I got to do. There are very few books that I have read what have been writen about Elvis. I won't write anymore. Is Elvis News a Europe based club?
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2006report abuse
sorry did I read this latest post correctly 'Elvis Rocks' was there! who is this man! I'm not defending the stanley boys but they were young men when they went to work for elvis probabaly felt there's more to life than looking after anyone let alone EP by the sound of things late 76'77 it wasnt such a great atmosphere at Graceland . Jerry stuck it out from the documentries I've seen you can see how much he loved and still cares for EP. t c b
Elvis Rocks (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2006report abuse
It will be interesting to see what Jerry has to say, since he has been a PAK for a long time. Do any of you know these guys that you are bashing? The West Guys? At least when they were with Elvis, we still HAD Elvis. If someone had put a gun to my head? Don't think so. Sorry, but the book didn't kill Elvis. We knew about the book April 1977. Elvis looked god awful 1975, 1976. Pittsburgh, 1976, he looked awful. The book just answered the questions that we were asking, What Is Wrong With Elvis? I will never forget, on the last tour when the phone rang for one of the step brothers. Elvis wanted something. Their reply was, What Does That SOB and they didn't use the SOB, Want? JMO, but I saw a lot. Security went down hill, as did the care for Elvis. Drug him up, so they can go have fun with the girls, then they didn't have to babysit with him. Forgive and Forget!
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2006report abuse
-A person with integrity. He didn´t have to be on Elvis´payroll to remain a friend. Turned down an offer from the "bitter bodyguards" as being part of their book as well. -Hats off to Jerry!
serpico (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2006report abuse
A book by a guy who loved Elvis, at least we don't have to put up with another piece of trash from Lamar or the step brothers or their mother whose names I refuse to use. It is a shame that Sonny West can't keep his mouth shut also.
Elvis Rocks (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2006report abuse
Just what we don't need is a book from Schilling. Not after he works with Priscilla and has kissed her foot all of these years. I have a new name for Jerry. PAK. He always acted like he was a pretty boy, too good for anyone. JMO, sorry. But you had to be there to see it.

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